Save 6 Music 03 March 2010

We were really disappointed to learn of the BBC’s decision to close 6 Music. The station is a wonderful place to hear new and alternative music – music which simply doesn’t get played elsewhere on UK national radio. It is also staffed by some of our most knowledgeable and entertaining DJs, who’ve helped break and develop many acts, including Keane. If the station does close, it would be a huge blow to the British music scene.

But there is something we can do. The BBC Trust will have to approve 6 Music’s closure and have indicated they may not do so, if enough people show their support for the station. If you agree that 6 Music should be saved then please do any or all of the following:

– Email your thoughts to
– Complete the Trust’s BBC Strategy Review Online Survey
– Sign the petition
– Join the Save BBC 6 Music Facebook group

Thank you.


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