ROB’S WAR CHILD BLOG #3 06 November 2007
A final War Child blog from Keane's tech chap

I hang my head in shame. I didn't manage to take any pictures at either War Child show - unfortunately I was a little busy doing my day job.

It was a fantastic few days (marred only by the worry of Tom's Manchester barfitude) and it was great to be back in the friendly, family vibe of the Keane touring party.

More importantly we managed to catch up with video tech ASBO - he's managed to persuade a young lady to go out with him. She has our deepest sympathies and we hope she sees sense soon.

So to make up for my non snappyness on the show days here's some more stuff from rehearsals:

Mr Chaplin.

Mr Rice-Oxley

Mr Hughes

The talented and charming Mr Jesse Quin on the electric bass.

From Detroit, MI, Mr Brendan Benson on the acoustic guitar.

Over Tim's shoulder to Jesse.

Two computers and Tim.

Richard, Jesse, Tim, a pile of lyrics.

Brendan and Keane.

Brendan Benson facing towards Richard.

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