ROB’S WAR CHILD BLOG #2 30 October 2007

Keane’s tech hero sends another update from the rehearsal studio

Hello again.

A few weeks ago you might have seen the bat signal calling us all back to Keaneworld for the War Child shows.

Well, you wouldn’t have actually seen it as we have a special bat signal. It consists of top tour manager Colin sending out at least 50 emails a day.

After two days of activity, rehearsals are over. The truck is loaded, the bus is here and we’re off to Manchester.

Things went very well in the secret bunker. I could tell you what happened but then I’d have to kill you. And I probably wouldn’t be very good at that.

So I’d better think of some captions for this lot:

This is the cage in which Keane’s gear lives when it isn’t on tour. It’s now mainly empty.

Um … Richard and Tom, playing a song.

Mr Chaplin singing a top pop song.

Richard gives it some ‘rabbit in headlights’

Tim and his note-strewn piano

Richard and his Nikon F6 .. it has modes that neither of us understand.

Tom’s enlisted keyboard and computer whiz Thom to try and fix his lappy. Apparently iTunes broke it somehow.

Tom’s fancy fret hand.

Soundman Iain and Mr Chaplin are up to no good.

Tim explaining to handsome production manager Ant that brown M&Ms are no longer acceptable. Or something more important, perhaps.

Tom singing ‘The Night Sky’ from the rehearsal studio’s kitchenette. This man is so talented that he can belt out a song and make himself a cup of tea at the same time.

A slightly pensive Tim.

Those Rice-Oxley hands hammering the CP70.

.. and the Hughes sticks in motion.

Richard post run through.

And you’ll all be glad to know that Tom’s lappy is on the mend. Maybe.

I’ll try and take some more shots in Manchester and Brixton. But no promises.


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