ROB’S UNION CHAPEL PICS 30 November 2007
Keane's lighting director sends his pics from Wednesday

Yes, we're pleased to say that Keane's lighting director has very kindly sent us a bumper package of pictures from the Union Chapel show. Here they are...


As it's the last one of these I'll do for a while here's far too many pictures from the rather lovely day at the Union Chapel ..

Top Tour Manager Colin gets in the churchy mood.

Soundman Mike (on loan from James Blunt as Iain is on tour) is faced with an extremely low sound limit - it still sounds marvellous though so Hurrah! for him.

Mr Hughes is making a list and checking it twice. Probably a set list though and not a note for Santa.

Mr Chaplin thrapes the Gibson.

Mr Rice Oxley gets to grips with his upright Piano.

An impromptu band meeting.

Once again playing the bass guitar (and making the tea) the talented and warmly wrapped Mr Jesse Quin.

Some churchy windows and Mr Chaplin.

A rather small treasure chest and Mr Hughes.

The string section (can a quartet be a section?)

Richard examining his new bongos.

A Piano, Tim, some computers and a speaker.

Post-soundcheck meeting.

Celebrity guitar tech for the day the dapper, charming and tuneful Mr Alastair Artingstall.

Tom sitting in the pews reading the lyrics to Early Winter.

An Audience of one.

Pulpit's (fish) eye view.

Keane bust out Atlantic.

What a top day out.

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