ROB’S O2 PICTURES 24 July 2007

The band’s tech guru sends his pics from The O2

Hello again. How can that be over? Months of endless meetings, drawings, emails and other nonsense and now it’s done and off to the edit suite. Hurrah!

It’s been a busy few days so I’ve not taken too many pics and, I have to admit, the ones I have aren’t really up to scratch. But why should that stop me sending ’em over? Here’s some soundcheckky stuff from the O2.

Drum tech Scott and Richard. I can guarantee that the conversation is about drums, drum sticks, drum heads and cars.

Tim adjusting his mic stand.

Tom + piano.

One of a series of ‘Hello Mum’ shots I’ve taken of Richard. See also Las Vegas and Buenos Aires.

Tom + O2.

Watching the camera watching Tom.

The many shoes of Tim. Don’t his insoles match the carpet? Hats off to tour manager Colin for organising that small detail.

Tom tips me the wink.

I’ll try to take some good ones in Potrugal.


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