Richard’s US photoblog 06 April 2012

Texas / Monday

Jesse and I went to see the outdoor screening of "Big Easy Express" - a great documentary about a train tour across the states with Mumford & Sons; Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, and Old Crow Medicine Show - it was a great feeling to kick back on the grass and watch this fantastic film. Mumfords played but we had to head off after a couple of songs to get back to our show. After about ten minutes failing to get a cab we started walking the couple of miles into town to the venue. Managed to get a cab after about 20 mins, but the guy misheard "Stubbs" as "Starbucks" and took us miles in the wrong direction... we ended up getting to the venue with only a few minutes to spare, having basically walked / run the last 8 blocks. It was the hottest gig we have played in a long time - Saturday night + St. Patrick's Day + our last show of SxSW = fun.


Texas / Sunday

we're off to make a video later, but here are some pics from Friday and Saturday AM... SxSW has been a total riot. If you came to see us - thanks - we really felt some love here.


Stumptown were giving away coffee right by our venue - thanks guys, it was delicious, as usual.

Texas / Saturday

catching up on SxSW


Texas / Friday

last few pics from LA. SxSW a lot of fun so far. nice meeting tons of you as we wander the streets - walking definitely the best way to get around, see, smell and hear the craziness.


Texas / Thursday

My first Strangeland photoblog! Got a few from Bexhill, and a few from this trip so far:


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