Richard’s US photoblog 05 March 2012

london / tuesday / afternoon-ish

we landed in a cold-but-bright london this morning, and headed our separate ways, tired but with the memories of three very enjoyable shows behind us. thanks again to all who came along – we had a great time. i’ll be posting a few photos from soundcheck at largo, but in the meantime here are a few others from the flea market at the school at melrose and fairfax. i think my favourite items (as ringo might say) were the old, anonymous photographs – boxes and boxes of people, pets and places – some crazy fashions, some incredible images of this wonderful country. i look forward to coming back next year, but in the meantime, happy holidays.




saturday / west hollywood / 1835

i spent the morning at the excellent king’s road cafe ( ) then went for a wander up melrose, marvelling at the crazy chopper motorbikes that were thundering up and down, and trying to avoid spending money i don’t have on things i don’t need! in the afternoon i had another spectacular coffee (see pic below) and then jesse and i went to lacma to see the amazing vanity fair photographs ( ). lacma has a great light installation outside. pictured: a certain jesse quin.





west hollywood / friday / midday

just a quick hello with a few photos. beth sent me three coffee pics from this morning! plus scott soundchecking the drums at kcrw, and some shots from around the stage at jimmy kimmel the other day. you don’t get palm trees like these at the bbc…


silverlake / thursday / 2000

i’m sitting backstage, about an hour before we go onstage at the echo 

jesse is tonight’s dressing room dj, playing ready for the floor right now. i really hope hot chip win a grammy – it would be so utterly deserved. soundcheck was good. our friends rocco and ryan dropped by to say hi. catching up with friends is one of the real joys of touring. i’m really looking forward to hearing his new album, and hopefully catching a show.

tonight’s show is an LA version of the tiny uk shows we did when the album came out – it’s going to be a sweaty night, and i can’t wait. we had a lot of fun playing at kcrw today – it truly is one of the great radio stations – i am a dedicated listener to their show “left, right and center”

so if you are interested in some intelligent discussion of american politics then you may want to check it out. and their music shows rock too. they have a great archive of shows at

we also stopped by to see some friends earlier, and ended up recording a few acoustic tracks that will find their way on to the internet at some point. watch this space… 

i also think i’ve solved the pixel issue that was messing with the photos, but we’ll see! as many of you know, we have been having the occasional website glitch and we are, once again, trying to deal with it – if you have downloaded the recent ep we are trying to get the links all sorted, and i apologise for the problems you may have had.


ps here’s this morning’s coffee. more photos later.

west hollywood / wednesday / 1030

morning all,

the sun is shining and i’ve just had a lovely cup of coffee, with a bear on it…

we spent yesterday afternoon taping ellen (lovely to be back there – ellen is incredibly welcoming, and it’s always a fun show to do), then went to a studio to do a little recording, and i took a few pics, so here we go. we’re looking forward to catching up with our american friends… see you soon


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