Richard’s US photoblog 05 March 2012

newark airport / saturday / early

got a couple of nice shots as i wandered around town yesterday, so here we go... nearly time to board.

hotel / friday morning

Tim, Tom and Jesse are back home, but Colin, Beth and I have stayed for an extra couple of days in this magnificent city. think i'm gonna head up to a photography gallery or two today, but in the meantime here are a few low-quality amateur snapshots! 

Jesse accidentally dropped Tom's beautiful Martin acoustic guitar when we were getting ready for the instore at Borders... he felt so bad - I think Jesse truly loves anything that can make any sound, however unmusical, so to drop a guitar like this (that used to be his own!) was a truly painful moment for him. But i'm gonna post this anyway, just for journalistic integrity, ye ken.

We'll be back here on August 6th for the Brooklyn Waterfront show... it's gonna be so hot - this week has been a scorcher (thunder storms and 30 degrees C+ / 90s F) and it's only gonna be warmer when we return. I honestly can't wait for that show - our biggest NYC gig yet (except for U2 at MSG, obviously. get well soon, Bono).

ok, on with the show, and thanks for looking at the blog. it will return in a week or so for the forest tour...

PS some people asked on twitter for a photo of me, so here are some pics from this morning...

hotel / thursday / early

been out for pizza at Rosario's, and a few beers on the lower east side. left tim, tom, jesse and emery deep in musical conversation, but thought i'd have a second attempt at the blog before i hit the hay. fingers crossed...

we were at Penn station early

the sky in Philly was amazing

You can click on this next one to see a larger version of it...

Philly station is beautiful... some details:


on the Amtrak to Philly / Wednesday / 0822 Eastern

Catching up on some photos from rehearsals for Night Train, and the last few days... I love being in America!




we seem to be spending a lot of time in very tall buildings... my love of rock climbing is definitely helping with the vertigo!


Last FM session

Sirius radio session

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