Richard’s UK 12 June 2012

Boston MA, Tuesday

ok, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the UK tour – the crowds were amazing, the atmosphere so special, and people seemed to enjoy the new songs as much as the old ones, which made us feel pretty great. So here are the last few shots from the UK tour, then I’m out the door to start taking pics in Boston! It’s a sunny day and a few kind people have recommended good coffee here via twitter (I’m @richardkeane), so here we go… then I’m off for a cuppa.


This one is clickable…

Leicester: This one is clickable too…

Brixton, Friday:

This one is clickable…

Brixton Saturday:

This next one is clickable…

thanks for looking at the blog!


Leicester / Wednesday

I love touring on a bus… slept for about 10 hours after a lock-in at Jesse’s old pub, the Old Duke in Bristol. True to form there was live music all night. Really enjoyed the Bristol show – great being so close to everyone. I can’t remember playing there before, though apparently we had, but I do remember carrying the CP70 up the stairs to the Louisiana. Just been reminiscing about this venue – DeMontfort Hall – we played here in 2003 at #6Music’s Summer Sundae before we signed a record deal. anyway… photos:

Rock am Ring:

This next one is clickable….

Folkestone – you can see France from the venue:

This one is clickable…

I went out onto the balcony after the show, took some photos, then found I was locked out there with no phone… thanks to truckie Gavin for hearing me shouting to be let back in! These two are now clickable….

Nurburgring / Saturday (Tim’s birthday)

sitting backstage at Rock am Ring listening to ‘Given to the Wild’ by the Maccabees – great album, and great band. lots of photo catching up to do.

Maastricht was really beautiful. And they had ice cream.

That massive Pinkpop crowd… amazing! This one is clickable…


This next one is clickable…


This one is clickable…


more padlocks on the bridge

Another clickable crowd shot…


London / Monday

I owe you some photos! I have been shooting on film while we have been out there on the promo trail, but I’ll get back to some more up to date digi stuff as we are touring properly… I think Jesse is going to put up some photos too – he’s such a great photographer – so look forward to those. Anyway, some of these are quite old, so if we look overdressed for this heat then remember it was snowing when we were in Russia only a few weeks ago…

this is really old – Jesse & Tim recording the big drum overdubs for "on the road" at Rak studios, September 2011


Newcastle crowd (click the pic for the full hi-res version)


Click this next pic for the full hi-res version…


Click this next one for the full hi-res…


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