Richard’s UK tour photoblog 05 March 2012

london / friday / 2316

wow, that was some gig. thanks to every one of you that has come to see us on this tour. you’ve been amazing. bring on south america!

london / friday / 1916


last shot of the screen, i promise:

the kick drum:

the drum machine for you haven’t told me anything

adam, the other bass legend


london / friday / 1525

here are a couple of shots from last night…

snowed under:

somewhere only we know:

bedshaped, maybe?


london / thursday / 1526

we are about to soundcheck. here’s a close-up of the screen, and the almost-traditional tom’s eye view…


brighton / tuesday / 1700

popped out for a wander along the beach earlier… here are some pics. reminds me of the title of that great delays album, "faded seaside glamour".

oh, and first, some biscuits we were given in sheffield liverpool – thanks LindyJ!


liverpool / saturday / 1741

a few shots from cardiff and liverpool…

that screen up close

lighting and photography guru, rob (who desperately wants a d700).

the grammy award-winning mr matt kettle, hard at work

jono at his desk

jesse’s ornaments

thomp and me

final preparations for the show. saturday night in liverpool!

cardiff / wednesday / 1500

as some of you may know, i have been trying to help spread the word about the case of Troy Anthony Davis, an american man on death row. i have just been sent this link to a short video and song about the case by a band called State Radio:

please take the time to watch it, and the time to sign up to amnesty’s petitions on the case. the only thing that is going to save his life is if enough people are watching, and protesting.







bournemouth / tuesday / 2020

at last, an internet connection that works.

here are a couple of pics from taratata (a french tv show that we played on), including playing a couple of duets.

tom and raphael saadiq:

tom and peter doherty being interviewed:



manchester / saturday / 1755

sorry, tried to update the blog the other day but i just couldn’t make it work. anyway, here’s a load of pics from the last few days, including from just now at soundcheck. glad to report vince is back to full health too, for the show tonight.

last time we played here was incredibly enjoyable, so bring it on.



ready to go…

rob, wielding his leica cl

local hero, scott

jesse, adam, rob’s feet, my feet.

secc 1

me, secc

our caterers are amazing – thomp looking happy…

tom looking hungry…

newcastle / tuesday / 2305

just offstage. great gig. thanks locals, visitors, everyone. i snapped this while jesse and i were having a chat…

sorry this one is pixelated – it was a bit dark…

and one i forgot from last night.

newcastle / tuesday / 0034

just got in from a great night out – a veggie dinner at bob trollop, and there’s a lovely pub up by the castle that is always worth a visit.

sorry for the slight delay in posting, but here are a few pics from the return journey to england, and a few from tonight. this is such a beautiful city. looking forward to the show…


belfast / friday / 1728

a couple of pics from our rehearsals the other day…

belfast / friday / 1624

firstly… i’m really sorry if you haven’t got your tickets for one of the shows yet – believe me, we have been chasing them.

secondly, thanks for looking at the blog, and all the kind comments.

we have finished our soundcheck, and here are a couple of pics…

belfast / friday / 1235

we took the 7.30 (am) ferry…

my breakfast was actually pretty good

colin kept it minimal

about to soundcheck. this is going to be fun.

more later!


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