Richard’s Spanish photoblog 05 March 2012

Studio, London / Monday / 1230

sorry about the delay, but here are some more pics from the train in Spain, and Bilbao. It was a really fun trip... from the Kentish Town Forum, to a brand new city for us - with a lot more new places too. i think that's been my favourite aspect of this year - so many new places and friends. we'll do more next time!

loved this:

Bilbao / Thursday / 1945

just soundchecked, all good - gonna be strange to play our 121st and final show of this album. it's been a lot of fun. had a chance to say hi to a few of our many lovely fans out here in Spain, and then to admire the Guggenheim as the sun set as we drove back to the hotel. went there earlier and loved the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibition, and the Richard Serra sculptures - i thought they were fantastic. have given up trying to post pics - the hotel internet is rubbish. will try again later. sorry - been trying since 6pm. enough!

Barcelona / Wednesday / 1100

just a couple of pics from last night... can you see yourself?

Barcelona / Tuesday / 2030

about to head down for the show, but time to post a few pics from soundcheck. the gig is in a disused factory, and it's a bit battered to say the least. looks great though! it's gonna be hot...

i have no idea what this is, but it reminded me of the madrid show we did on UTIS

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