Richard’s Spain/Portugal photoblog 05 March 2012

london / monday / 1626

apologies. my computer completely and utterly died in ibiza, so i've only just been able to upload these photos... you'll see that we had an amazing time, both in vigo and oporto. playing to around 35000 people over two nights was always gonna be fun! thanks to everyone who came out to see us.


oporto is a beautiful city. i just wandered around for hours, getting totally lost. the tiny side streets are just the most amazing places - full of people cooking up dinner, and then you'll turn the corner and find an incredible church, or some other wonderful building. and everyone seems incredibly friendly. i loved it.

this almost deserves a caption competition

the crowd went back as far as i could see


some great street art in vigo. i absolutely love the outline of the tree and the elephant.

a full house at the amphitheatre in vigo


the ferry from ibiza to denia

jesse and dan (keyboard wiz)


ibiza part 2



pics from last night and today...

San Antonio / tuesday / 1715

we arrived quite late last night. sat by the swimming pool and tried to cool down, and fed the 3 cats that seem to live at the villa we're in. spent much of today doing the same thing, and enjoying the sunshine. i've never been here before - looks like it could get quite hectic later.


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