Richard’s Russia photoblog 07 April 2012

London / Saturday

Home sweet home, but here are a few photos from the last couple of days. Tim and I went to the State Hermitage Museum, where a marching band was practising – it was an amazing place, with more gold leaf than I’ve ever known – there was a room that was basically entirely gold – walls and ceiling… insane. Also lots of pics from the train from Moscow to St. Petersburg – am I right in thinking the people on the frozen lake are fishing through the ice? Amazing. Anyway, it was a great trip and I hope we are back soon – if you were there then thanks, you were amazingly loud and energetic, and it felt great to be playing some new songs to you. Ok, I’m off for a curry.

This one is clickable to see a bigger version…

St. Petersburg / Friday

So far Russia has been great! I loved all the flowers that were thrown on stage, and the signs that said "Welcome Back" (second to last pic). Thanks to JQ for taking a few photos during soundcheck, so I am in this one for once! R

Possibly a bootleg copy of H&F…? I was given this by a fan I met in Red Square as a souvenir – it was his first KEANE record, and I am so flattered he gave it to me – thanks!

Mr will make this one clickable in a while (but he’s on holiday so it might not be today – thanks pal!)


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