Richard’s H 05 March 2012

Sunday / 1950

one of our first stadium experiences… soundchecking at the Tsunami benefit gig, Cardiff.

one of my fave bits of unexpected artwork – this was painted on the side of the venue, Dallas, Jan 2005.

Trying to get some Swedish Kronor – i think this was our first visit to Stockholm.

Classic TRO shot, Boston.

Saturday / 2110

just back from speaking at Amnesty’s Student Conference, talking about my trip to see Troy Davis a few weeks back. Had a great night out last night with Ant and Rob, going to see the wonderful Tegan and Sara at Shepherd’s Bush (if you were there then just the name will make you laugh). anyway… on with the show!

valentine gifts, Cleveland, 2005 – thanks!

a pasty english bloke on the beach in LA, i guess in 2004

Tom, on a tourbus somewhere… sorry – no idea where!

Friday / 1739

just back from a great night / day out with Tim and Jesse, via Tom – sorry for the late update… a couple of pics from the everybody’s changing video shoot, and a pic in Birmingham (I think!) on the tour with Travis in early 2004.

Thursday / 0955

from our first trip to Japan…

Tuesday / 1915

not gonna have time tomorrow, so here are wednesday’s pics…

with our lovely TM of the day – Stew, in a tent, somewhere! wierd that we ended up going to Lincoln, Nebraska, home of the Cornhuskers long after Tim had predicted it through the medium of a T-shirt.

Corin Hardy, director of Butterfly – a fantastic short film, which was the basis of the video for Bedshaped – see (you can buy the full film on UK itunes, by the way – it is brilliant, and probably the bargain of the century too). Here he’s holding a wall used in the animation, customised with bedshaped-related graffiti (and the name of his band, too).

one of us always seems to be on the phone!

PS happy day that you don’t celebrate, rob…

London / Tuesday / 1015

don’t know where this was, but it’s definitely Hopes and Fears era… note hi-tech solution of putting laptop on some random bits of foam! looks like the trusty fold-up white table had been retired at this point.

LA, superbowl day – think this was around the relase of UTIS, but i’m not sure… sorry!

Paris, obviously!

London / Monday / 0930

Seeing as the label are re-releasing Hopes and Fears, I thought I would dig out a few old photos from 2003/4/5. I thought you might like to see them. I’ll try to put a couple up each day this week, starting with 3 shots from the video shoot for somewhere only we know… (i happened to move that snare drum the other day, and it’s still covered in the mud from the shoot).

I went to see JQ and the Mets last night, and also a band called Hoodlums – both were really good. Was nice to see a few keane fans there too! anywhow, on with the pics…

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