Richard’s European tour photoblog 21 July 2012

London / Saturday

Photos from Riga and Positivus, the fantastic festival we played last night in Latvia… it was so energetic, right up to 2.30am when we finished our set. That’s the last show for about 3 weeks, and what a way to finish this trip. I hope we’ll be back sometime soon.

This next one is now clickable. Look out for it on facebook, too, where you will be able to tag yourself in the photo.


Riga, Latvia / Thursday

I am so behind on photos, so here we go, from T in the Park (so much energy!) onwards…

The shots of the crowd are clickable to make them large.

T in the Park:


best flower / dog sculpture / thing ever?

I know I took tons of photos of the Guggenheim last time, but it’s so stunning. Tried to find a new angle or two. Also went to the Hockney exhibition – it was unbelievably brilliant. I wandered around it listening to "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots" by The Flaming Lips, and the artwork just blew my mind. The iPad stuff too… just stunning. If you get the chance to see this exhibition, you really should try to get there.

I’m getting slightly obsessed with taking photos of umbrellas on balconies.

just loved this font!

and this one

BBK Live was so much fun. Great crowd, great line-up, hanging out with tons of really friendly bands afterwards, just really enjoyable from start to finish. JQ and I caught a fair bit of Garbage’s set, too, which was great. Proper friendly nice people, too. Just ace.




didn’t get much chance to take pics, I’m afraid – Tim, Jesse and I went to see Paul Simon play in Brussels the night before, so arrived just in time for soundcheck and didn’t get to hang out much. Great gig though – proper sweaty rock show. Loved it!


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