Richard chats to 28 May 2006
We've just spoken to Keane's resident drumming dude, Richard, to find out the latest news from Camp Keane as the band reach the end of their European club tour. Q. Hey Richard, how's it going? A. Good thanks, we're in Oslo, just about to do a session for a radio station. We played at the Sentrum last night, which was really good. I think we've done 12 gigs now and I've enjoyed all of them. It's nice being able to rotate the set list - this is the first tour where we've had enough songs to do that. Q. Any highlights from last week's shows? A. Well, at the Amsterdam gig, someone threw a packet of chewing gum at me during 'Hamburg Song', which is the one song where I don't play drums. It hit the floor tom and went 'BOWM' right in the middle of this really quiet song! Then a few songs later they threw a beer mat at me, which also hit me, so you can't fault their aim. But on the beer mat, they'd written 'sorry about the chewing gum'. I liked that. Q. Did you enjoy your days off in London last weekend? A. Yeah, I went to see Radiohead, which was just amazing. The new songs sounded great, even on first listen, and they looked like they were really enjoying themselves. It's very, very inspiring to watch a band who are that good. Q. Is it hard going back on tour and being away from home? A. Not really. I genuinely do enjoy touring - I mean, really it's going to lots of nice places with lots of nice people, to play your music. But we've been trying to get a better balance between doing interviews and actually getting some time to see the places. That seems to be working really well. Q. What have been your top tourist moments so far? A. I can tell you what the worst was. I'd managed to visit Amsterdam about eight times without seeing the red light district, but we ended up there this week. It was just profoundly depressing, so many human tragedies laid out for everyone to see - y'know, nobody grows up wanting to be a prostitute and everyone just had dead in their eyes. But I also managed to have a nice walk around Paris at the start of the week and this morning I got up and went for a wander down by the water in Oslo, which was really pretty. Q. Have you seen any of the reviews for 'Under The Iron Sea' yet? A. I saw Q magazine and they've given it a very good review. But my Powerbook is broken at the moment, which means I'm a bit out of touch. So it's been days since I've been able to log on and find out what Pete Doherty has been up to!
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