Richard answers your questions Pt 2 19 December 2006

The second batch of Richard’s Ask Keane responses

As promised last week, here are the second half of Richard’s answers to the questions you folks sent in via the form in the Ask Keane section of the ezine.

“Richard – what’s your favorite song on ‘UTIS’?”
Rachel Miller
Richard replies: I love playing ‘Leaving So Soon?’ and I love hearing the first half of ‘Hamburg Song’ – you have no idea how many times I’ve nearly forgotten to start playing because I’m so lost in listening to Tim and Tom…

“What’s your favorite scary movie?”
Richard replies: Anything Hitchcock!

“The end of the year will be here before we know it.  Any ideas on New Year’s resolutions?”
Richard replies: I resolve to tour South America!

“Greetings, Keane! This is a question for Mr. Hughes. Do you find it a challenge being a vegetarian while on the road?”
Richard replies:
Yes, a little, but there are other veggies on the road, so we all keep an eye out for good places to eat. Kyle (our merch guy) is very talented at finding really good veggie food in faraway places. If in doubt go to an Italian restaurant – they always do good veggie choices.

“What’s in your pocket right now?”
Richard replies:
Absolutely nothing. Sorry, it’s the truth.

“With the awards shows you have been able to attend and the various celebrities you have been able to meet, do you think you can now link yourself to Kevin Bacon in 6 moves or less?”
Richard replies: Easy! At the U2 party after last year’s Grammy awards I found myself standing next to Tom Hanks… they were both in ‘Apollo 13’. That’s one move, right? Do I get a prize?

“In the song ‘The Iron Sea’, you can hear a voice talking at the end, who is that person talking and what is he saying? Thanks!”
Mariana T
Richard replies:
Ask Tim…

“Hullo!  If you could spend one week doing anything in the world, what would it be?”
Richard replies: I’d like to sit on a beach somewhere in South-East Asia – we had a great time in Thailand and it was a shame not to be able to see the countryside (except from the plane) so I think I’d head back there and relax awhile. I’ll take a few books.

“When it comes to produce a new video, how do you work? Does the record company comes up with ideas, do you have something in mind since you work on the song or does it all come naturally?”
Richard replies: We generally have some ideas about who we’d like to direct a video from seeing other things people have done. We’ll normally chat to a few directors about what kind of thing we are after, and ask them to write a treatment for us, and then we chat them through and pick our favourite, or start again. It’s very cool to see what your song does inside someone’s head – the images they come up with to accompany it.

“Rich, during the new show, you now play at the front on the stage on ‘Your Eyes Open’. You cannot ‘hide’ behind your drums at that particulat moment. How does that make you feel? Naked? Stressed? Excited?”
Richard replies: It’s nice to be able to come to the front and have a quick chat with the front row, which I used to do when I had my drums opposite the piano a long time ago. I’m normally more worried about what Tom’s gonna say if he introduces me to everyone. I never know what he’s gonna come up with!

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