Richard answers questions live 19 October 2010

UPDATE: Thanks to all of you who tuned in this morning. Was a lot of fun – we’ll definitely have to do more live streaming in the future. For those of you who missed it, you can watch what happened above. Look out for the other 50 questions (yes, Richard was kind enough to answer 60 in total!) coming up soon.

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So, as you know, we’ve been asking you to post your questions for Richard. Well, we thought it might be a nice twist to broadcast the first 10 answers LIVE as they happen, for you to watch right here on

If you like the sound of that, tune in tomorrow morning (Thur 14th Oct) at 11am UK time. Click here to find out what time that is where you are. Apologies to those of you in countries where that will be the middle of the night – but we will record the answers for you to be able to watch again.

We’ll be looking out for your feedback live on Twitter as we do the live stream (which will probably last about 15 mins). Please use the hashtag #richqs if you’re tweeting – so that we can find them.

ps – we might be doing a bit of testing on the player above today, so don’t be alarmed if it suddenly goes live….

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