Q 12 November 2012

Q. Hi Tom, how are you?
A. I'm finally recovered from some mid-tour horribleness (hope I didn't pass it on to the front row in Barcelona). I decided to run a half-marathon on the running machine the other day after a particularly greedy pizza binge, so I'm surprised I'm still standing. With that in mind, I'm feeling remarkably good.

Q. How have the European shows been going?
A. I particularly enjoyed our two shows in Portugal. The venue in Oporto is one of the very best we've ever played in - it felt like the whole crowd were getting an intimate performance and I thought it sounded great. Better still, the Porto branch of Keane fans gave it their all on a Sunday night - you can't ask for more than that!

Q. Have you managed to spend any time looking around any of the cities? You've been visiting some new ones.

A. Ljubljana was one of those special little tour highlights that comes along once in a blue moon. What a beautiful place! So romantic - the snowfall, log fires and quaint little streets made for a brilliant evening off. I sat by the river and ate roast chestnuts the morning of the show…I felt very in love with the place. Thanks for having us Slovenia!

Q. What have you been watching / listening to on this tour?
A. The Thick Of It, which is a political satire. It's truly hilarious, although not for the faint-hearted. If you ever need a set of killer put-downs, there are enough in one episode to last a lifetime.

Q. You must have been pleased to win the Q Award last week? How was the day / ceremony?
A. We were tired but it's was good fun. It was great to be part of something where a few of our heroes turned up. Particularly nice to see Blur given something for all their great music - I think, of all the bands of my generation, they've consistently made the greatest music.

It was great that Disconnected won - although it was very much deserved - I suppose we can take credit for providing some creative inspiration via the track itself but really the plaudits have to go to JA and Sergio for their labour of love. Well done and thanks again guys!

Q. The UK tour is nearly upon us. Are you looking forward to the "in the round" shows?
A. We did a full scale sketch out of the stage out in Zurich the other day and I'm certainly pretty excited about how it's going to turn out. There'll be a few logistical issues to iron out when it comes to rehearsals and thinking up a setlist but they promise to be great events.

We also asked Keane fans on Twitter to give us some questions for you...

Q. What do you miss most of England while being on tour?

A. My home life is in stasis when I'm on the road…I try not to think about it too much or I feel pretty sad. I really do look forward to seeing everyone again and being in one place. Still, this is the life I chose so I've got used to it and I'm not going to complain.

Q. What's the biggest compliment you've received from a celebrity fan and how did you react to it?

A. Lily Allen has been unswervingly positive about what we do, which is very sweet of her. It's quite rare for musicians to be so open about what they love, as it's quite a cynical world.

Q. What is your favourite song from #Strangeland album and why?

A. In Your Own Time makes me cry - it's a very empathic song that gives me a boost when the chips are down.

Q. How do you keep your voice sound so good despite all your numerous gigs?

A. I'm lucky. I've been trying to sing a bit more quietly in recent shows because I'm aware that I could burn out before too long. I actually really prefer the way I sound like that anyway, so necessity has been the mother of invention once again!

Q. What's been the best moment of this tour for you so far?

A. The other night I was singing Bedshaped (in Ljubljana) and I sang a few bars that were absolutely bang in tune - when that happens, the vocals seem to resonate in a really peculiar way - it's almost otherworldly, I can't explain it! Not to say that I don't sing in tune most of the time but there's good and then there's a holy place somewhere above that, which, every now and then, I seem to find!

Q. Tom, which is your favourite pizza flavour?

A. Caprese.

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