Pledge towards new Fierce Panda film 26 March 2013

The legendary Fierce Panda Records – which released This Is The Last Time and Everybody’s Changing back in 2003, before Keane signed to Island – has announced that it is to make a documentary film, Endangered: The Story Of Fierce Panda.

You can pre-order the film now by pledging towards it on its PledgeMusic Page.

Here’s what Tim has to say about Fierce Panda on that PledgeMusic Page: "Fierce Panda is a national treasure, one of the most beautiful entities in British music, the absolute epitome of an indie label. The number of bands they have discovered, taken a chance on, made dreams come true for is truly awe-inspiring. Through the high times and low times of the music industry, Fierce Panda has thrived through the simple trick of brilliant A&R instincts, coupled with an amazing selflessness and lack of greed. Simon gave Keane a chance when nobody else would – whatever we’ve achieved is thanks to him, and we’re incredibly proud to have been a tiny part of Fierce Panda’s magnificent story."

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