Pillowcases in the store 29 July 2009

JULY 29TH UPDATE: Due to unprecedented demand, we have now sold out of the pillowcases. However, we have already put in an order for another batch, so you can continue to purchase them from the Keane store and they'll be dispatched as soon as we take delivery (mid-August). Anyone who orders before midnight (UK time) on Monday, August 3rd will still be entered for the handwritten lyrics draw.


We're very pleased to announce that the legendary A Bad Dream pillowcase is back in the Keane online shop, featuring Tim's hand-written lyrics to the song on a crisp 100% cotton pillowcase. It's also joined by a new pillowcase featuring the Bedshaped lyrics (do you see what we've done there?!). You can buy one for £10 or both for £15. Click here to check them out in the Keane Store.

What's more, if you buy either pillowcase before midnight (UK time) on Monday, August 3rd, you'll be entered into a draw to win Tim's hand-written lyrics, as used for the pillowcase designs. (If you buy the A Bad Dream pillowcase, you'll be entered into the draw to win those lyrics; if you buy Bedshaped, you'll be entered into the draw to win those lyrics; and if you buy both, you'll be entered into both draws.)

Like everything in the Keane store, you can buy the pillowcases wherever in the world you live (and the lyrics draw will be open to purchasers wherever they are).

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