Pics from Abbey Road 07 April 2009


We thought you folks might like to see some of the pictures took at Abbey Road last week. Some of these went up on the Keane Twitter page, but some of them didn't. We've posted them in chronological order...

The famous Abbey Road zebra crossing...

The studio door 

A frenzy of pre-show activity

Warming-up in the dressing room

Another warm-up shot

A typically amazing gift from the fans

The band rehearse for the webcast

Richard stops drumming, takes picture

Tim checks his keyboards are in working order

Where did RIchard hide his camera?

Glasses and passes, on Tim's keyboard

At any given moment, a Keane dressing room usually looks a bit like this

Another test run-through for the cameras

A cameraman with a plan

Checking out the making-of documentary for the day so far

Richard plays some drums to a photocopier

Tim relaxes before the show

A final pre-show warm-up

The webcast is about to begin...

And they're off! History in the making...

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