Photos from the Forum show 25 October 2013

23:25: We’ll leave you with this photo of the fellas. That was a top night.

23.10: Here’s a bunch more pictures from before and during tonight’s show (which was an absolute belter).

 photo DSC_7724_zpsfc89ad8c.jpg  photo DSC_7737_zpsd59a130c.jpg  photo DSC_7732_zpsfe65b6ad.jpg   photo DSC_7721_zps68fbc971.jpg  photo DSC_7717_zpsaf0c5a4c.jpg  photo DSC_7715_zps278b81bc.jpg  photo DSC_7710_zpscaa02ed5.jpg  photo DSC_7707_zps33b0cb36.jpg  photo DSC_7705_zpsa870f7d8.jpg  photo DSC_7679_zps90ad3341.jpg  photo DSC_7675_zps3d18ecec.jpg   photo DSC_7665_zps1f8a0c15.jpg  photo DSC_7637_zpsf862c722.jpg  photo DSC_7618_zps109504bd.jpg  photo DSC_7616_zps3b93ac37.jpg

20:00 Here are a bunch of photos from the soundcheck for tonight’s extremely intimate Tunbridge Wells Forum show for Fierce Panda. We’ll begin with one of Jesse throwing some kind of flamenco shapes….

 photo kn2_zpsfbbcf4b6.jpg  photo kn1_zps87638a64.jpg  photo kn3_zps4cc19c76.jpg  photo kn4_zpse7b53101.jpg  photo kn6_zps37dc05d3.jpg  photo kn8_zps8f1504d9.jpg  photo kn9_zps600bd2d8.jpg  photo kn10_zps544ed072.jpg  photo kn11_zpsd9b16010.jpg  photo kn12_zps59d3e7a9.jpg  photo kn13_zps05f669c4.jpg  photo kn14_zps32d271af.jpg  photo kn16_zps61f4c40b.jpg


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