‘One of the best performances of their career’ 18 October 2006
Amazing reaction to Keane's first show back on the road

Keane played the first night of their UK tour last night in Hull and it was, by all accounts, an amazing show. Here's the review from this morning's Sun newspaper.

"Keane bounce back on stage
KEANE made their emotional live return last night with newly energised frontman TOM CHAPLIN fresh out of rehab.

The singer bounced around the stage just two weeks after checking out of The Priory for alcohol and cocaine addiction.

When Tom asked the 8,000-strong crowd: "How are you?" a voice from the audience shouted back: "How are you?"

Tom replied: "I'm great. It's like a big group therapy session."

The trio – also comprising songwriter TIM RICE-OXLEY and RICHARD HUGHES – opened with the poignant Put It Behind You and settled in to one of the best performances of their career.

Tom was looking fitter than ever, a different man from the sweating mess who last performed at V2006 in August — a day before checking into the clinic.

He added: "Thank you for making me welcome. I was really nervous."

The band were more vibrant and interesting than ever. Keane will be gigging throughout the UK over the next month. Catch them while they are at the top of their game."

Ah, happy days.

If you went to the show and took your camera, please email your best shot to - and we'll get some posted up on the site. Thanks.
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