New song Difficult Child: hear it 25 July 2012

Keane’s new single – Sovereign Light Café – is out this week. It features a brand new B-side, Difficult Child, which you can get from iTunes here or from Island Tunes here. We asked Tim to tell us a bit more about the song, which you can preview above…


I like the fact that the lyrics of this song are slightly schizophrenic. Or maybe ‘conflicted’ would be a kinder way to put it. They’re very male.

A slightly geeky factette is that with the line "I thought that you’d be waiting like a soldier’s queen", I was thinking of the story of Odysseus and Penelope.

We recorded a lot of this in hotel rooms on our recent US tour – mainly in Lincoln, Nebraska and Salt Lake City, Utah. I remember in Salt Lake that because the hotel room was basically our dressing room for the gig there was a lady posted to stand guard outside the room all day. By the time Tom had sung his vocal about 50 times and I had then gone in and belted out a load of weird, high-pitched backing vocals, the poor woman looked pretty traumatised. Ah the glamour…


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