Name the mic… 25 October 2011

UPDATE: The winner is jwslok who correctly named the mic as the Neumann U47 as used by The Beatles. We’ve emailed you on the address you used to register for Thanks to everyone else who took part.


Hi Everyone,

It’s not very often that a singer gets to spend scary amounts on something that will be useful for recording… however, after being inspired by an afternoon of singing at Air Studios, I fell in love with this beauty. There’s a prize of a drumhead signed by the band for the first person to correctly answer the following questions!

1) What is the make and model of this microphone?
2) Which famous band couldn’t go without it in the 60s?

Post your answers in the comments below. Good luck and love to you all!! Oh, and you’ll be glad to hear that recording is progressing well and we’ll keep updating you all the way along…


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