Lots of your lovely pictures 04 July 2009

Hello folks. As you’ll have noticed, it’s been quite quiet at Keane HQ this week, as the band have taken a few well-deserved days off. We do have lots of interesting stuff coming up on in the next few days, but until then, we thought we’d post up some of our favourite fans’ shots from the last batch of dates. Thanks to everyone who’s uploaded their pictures – you’re a talented bunch! Head over to the Live Archive now to check out lots, lots more.

Brilliantim – from the Peace and Love Festival, Sweden, June 25th

Anna1976 – from Det Kongelige Teater, Copenhagen, June 23rd

Carol1977 – from Hurricane Festival, Germany, June 21st

Yolanda – from TW Classic Festival, Belgium, June 20th

Malena – from Kesselhaus, Berlin, June 17th

Kea-hane – E-Werk, Cologne, June 16th

Carol 1977 – Norwegian Wood Festival, Norway, June 14th

Don’t forget, you can head over to the Live Archive to see more.

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