Live rehearsals blog 22 January 2009


8.18PM: And that's it from us. At dinner, the band and crew all seemed really pleased with today's progress and are excited about Friday's first show in Belfast. Thanks to everyone for reading and for the hundreds and hundreds of emails you've sent. We'll see you for a live blog from one of the shows on the UK tour. In the meantime, we'll leave you with a picture of the band's big rehearsal room and one of Jesse's little cow.
Goodnight folks.


8.08PM: Well, the mushroom soup and beef pie were lovely and we're now feeling very full indeed. Here's a pic of Tim and Tom just before the band finished...

7.33PM: Right, we're going to grab some dinner...

7.30PM: "Why is there a cow on the last pic in the front???" asks Julia. Um, because that's Jesse's amp and Jesse puts odd things on his amp. As this picture also shows...

7.22PM: Well, our time with you is a nearing an end, as the band are playing their last song of the set (bet you can't guess what that is...) and Colin and Beth are packing up their stuff. Everyone is due to head back down to London tonight, and that's quite a few hours away from here, so they're keen to get going before too long. A couple more pics...

Oh, by the way, happy birthday to Graciela in Argentina!

7.11PM: A few of you have emailed asking what bread and butter pudding is. Well, it's essentially a sweet pudding made out of bread, custard and raisins. It's very nice indeed. Here's a recipe.

7.10PM: HELLO, I don't know what it'll be for dinner, because my mum won't be at home,(and she's the cook, So it'll be just me and my father, so I guess, that's gonna be pizza!!!! and icecream.. or maybe just icecream.. :)  BYE! kisses form Entre Rios, ARGENTINA

Well, pizza and ice cream doesn't sound *so* bad...

7.03PM: They're still banging enthusiastically through the set - in fact, they've only got about three more songs to go after this one. Curiously, they've turned the vocals right down, even though Tom's still singing, so that you can only really hear the music. It's actually quite nice to hear instrumentals of songs you've never heard instrumentally before.

6.57PM: We can exclusivelty reveal that, tonight, Sarah in the UK is having pasta, Sarah in Munich is having bread and nutella, Laura in Buenos Aires is having ice cream, Emma P is having chicken pie, Clemence is having a delicious home-made quiche, Valeria in Italy is having pizza, Noelia in Argentina is having milanesas con papas fritas (meat with potatoes), Shane at Stanford Uni is having "a grilled cheese and some french fries" (doesn't sound very healthy Shane) and Claudia in Holland is having "sauerkraut with sausages and bacon and mashed potatoes, a real Dutch dinner for the winter". While Sara in Sweden had "some awful veal chops and chips. Really terrible," And that's just a selection of the dozens of emails you sent (thanks folks). Claudia's dinner wins the prize for making our mouths water most.

6.38PM: So what's everyone having to eat tonight? Email us at to let us know. It looks like we'll be selecting from the following tasty-looking options...

Mmmm, bread and butter pudding.

6.33PM: The answer to the drum challenge was, of course, Leaving So Soon. Loads of you got it right, but the very first was Stephanie L who got it very quickly indeed. Good work Stephanie! In honour of her victory, here are two pictures of Keane's resident drummer boys...

Clearly banging a bass drum is a good stress reliever.

6.19PM: Looks and sounds really great out there. Those of you off to the UK shows are in for a treat.

Here's lighting guru Rob tinkering with his gadgets...

6.08PM: Yes, it's time for's traditional liveblog black and white live shots...

We don't mind admitting that we're having a little boogie as we post this. (Oooooh!)

5.49PM: Richard's drum challenge. First person to email the answer to wins glory...

5.45PM: These just arrived from "Dickens" (aka Emma). Ace.

5.38PM: Right, the band have started their set. Of course, we can't tell you what they're playing, because that would be giving things away (would we be daft enough to do that?). But, just before they started, we managed to film the latest Richard's drum challenge. Standby...

5.27PM: Tim made it up for the Obama speech in the end. And now the band are about to launch into their full run-through of the show...

4.57PM: While Obama gets the keys to the White House, Tim is beavering away with his clever new piano. Apparently as well as being a piano, it can play other noises too, all triggered by the traditional piano hammers. Here it is...

4.46PM: History has stopped play, as folks have gathered in the dressing room to watch Obama's inauguration. Richard is "very excited". Quite right too.


4.16PM: Tim is back out in the pretend stage area (well, the stage is exactly like it will be in the arena, but there isn't a crowd - or, indeed, space for one). Here he is, tinkering with one of his keyboards (he was playing the opening line to Is It Any Wonder? as we took this)

4.07PM: And the final word in Colin pictures...

4.05PM: OK, this is the latest batch of Colin pictures. Well done folks. He's very pleased with them all.

Picture by Vanessa

Picture by Priscilla

Picture by Aimee

Pic by Gail


3.44PM: Tom and Richard are up in the band's dressing room, watching Obama's inauguration on TV. Tom is drinking a rather blood-like smoothie, while Richard is wearing a T-shirt in support of Troy Davis - who he's talked about on before.

The band are due to start a full run-through of their set shortly...

3.36PM: "Who is the guy begind Tim in the latest picture?" ask Beatrice in Sweden. That's Thom Pierce, who handles programming and looks after the keyboards.

3.34PM: "The lighting and sound are looking amazing," says Jesse, who's just arrived in the tour manager's office for a natter with Beth (who's also back).

3.31PM: Update on the doodles from earlier, from Sneak N Wolf.  "Just a small correction here. As much as America would like to claim the doodles you posted, we cannot for were drawn by a lovely Keane fan from Canada! She traveled to LA to see them at The Gibson, where she got them to the band. She's a graphic artist! (Her name is Diane. She and her sister are massive Keane fans who attended all but the Largo gigs here in LA last month)". Top, top work Diane. Band and crew are all very impressed. Here's a close-up of one.

3.22PM: Beth and Colin have gone somewhere. They may be in the meeting with the band. At least we have your emails for company! Talking of which, Shelley has just correctly pointed out that we haven't put up any pictures of Tim. So here he is...

3.16PM: Merch alert! Merch alert! Here's a pic of the very swanky new tour books, which will be on sale at the shows. Alex Lake did the photography and book design. They really are very lovely.

3.12PM: Possibly our favourite one yet, by Mandy (who hasn't drawn anything in years)

2.57PM: Beth answers your questions...

Q. Hello Beth. Does your job sometimes make you feel like the assistant in the movie: The Devil Wears Prada? I saw it recently and thought of you! ;)
Beth: Actually, yes, I thought the same myself recently. And I do like clothes and shoes.

Q. I am a PA too. My question is – which of the band has the best/worst spelling??
Beth: Um, they're all very bright boys with good spelling.

Q. If the boys got you up on stage to sing a Keane song, which one would you choose?
Sam (uk)
Beth: You Haven't Told Me Anything. But only if I could dance too.

Q. What are you doing when you where not on tour with Keane??
Beth: I still work for Keane, wherever they are. When we're not on tour, I work from my house.


2.49PM: The Colin pictures are coming in thick and fast now...

That second one is by forum legend Kerry H.

Oh, and the weather in Guangzhou, China (located in South China), where it's 22:48 at night, is 15 degrees centigrade. Thanks to Syrinx Yip for that. Rainborn8228 tells us it's cold in Taiwan too.

2.38PM: The band have just gone into a meeting with management. Seems lots of you emailing are reading the blog at the same time as watching Mr Obama become President Obama. Do days get any more exciting than this?!

So, who's got a question for Beth (the band's PA)?

2.35PM: A picture of Colin has arrived! This was drawn by Jolien. Colin was sort of impressed.

2.30PM: Octavie emailed to ask what crumpets are. Read about them here. And here's a picture of one. Yum.


2.29PM: Here's Jesse at lunch, eating a rather lovely Victoria Sponge cake, which was still warm from the oven.

2.27PM: Worldwide weather report part two.

Here in the west midlands it's bright, sunny and cold. brrrrrrr

It's a brisk 64F here in sunny Miami, Florida

Since is summer, Rio is sunny, the heat is extreme and it's a perfect day to go to the beach.
When Keane arrives, in March, it will be a little less hot than it is today.

I'm here in São Paulo and we are enjoying a hot but a bit cloudy day!
Tons of love

I'm Laura from Italy, it's raining here but it's not too cold (5° degrees)

Clean day! the sun shines in the sky, Summer is here, so there are always high temperatures. UMA xx from ARGENTINA!

The weather here in Gothenburg, Sweden, is just awful. It has been raining all day, it's really cloudy and dreadful.

In Frankfurt/Germany it's sunny (or partly cloudy - depends on the perspective) and we have about +5 degrees, which is quite nice compared to the last 3 weeks!

It's a beautiful winter day here in Finland. It's not too cold and we even have snow this winter, which is nice.

Its 1am wednesday in Melbourne OZ. Its a  warm night currently 19c and expecting a hot 30c today. :)

In Évora, Portugal, it's sunny, but it's very cold outside! It's better to be at home and watch the sun throw a window!:-)

Now stop sending weather reports and send us drawings of Colin!

The band are still eating lunch, and we can hear sawing coming from near the stage...

2.23PM: Worldwide weather report, part one (thanks everyone)

Beautiful and sunny in Ealing, UK!! Not too warm though

Alan Bishop - In Colchester, Essex it is Cloudy, not too cold but could well be a little hotter!

The weather here in Sheffield - in the North - is pretty much as you described it in your report...deliciously crisp but sunny

Paris, it's cold, rainy, and cloud

Here, in Paris, it's in January in Paris...
littlemisscharlotte, from Paris

In Haywards Heath (not far from Brighton) it's FREEZING. I repeat... Freezing!!
Lots of Love, Hannah Banana!! (good luck in your A-Level exam Hannah!)

In Munich the weather is really bad, snowing and raining at the same time

It's a sunny day here, but cold
Jolien, Zwolle The Netherlands

It's raining and chilly here in Brunei..

Hobart, Australia.its 1am here and 18C, was nice sunny day earlier with 28C

Here, on the beach of the debarquement of 1944, the sun is fighting against the heavy clouds in the sky..
Azilis, (Normandy), France

Hi there! Here in southern Sweden, it was raining all night, but now the rain has gone away and the sun is shining soooooo bright! It's still very cold, though. Very fresh! 
Lots of Love from Sara!

Hi! Here in the Czech Republic (Brno City) is 4°C and totally overcast sky.
Keane 182

I live in a city 400 km from Buenos Aires .
I'ts a beautiful summer day, sunny with a clear sky

it's not very cold here in holland

Well the weather from the boys home county is a bit overcast and dull.  Brightening up very gradually with the odd ray of sunshine.
Stephanie from Worthing, West Sussex

2.19PM: Colin and Beth are talking about crumpets and their potential availablity on the tourbus for this tour (crucial, apparently). We just had some nice beef and salad for lunch.

1.52PM: The band are playing Bedshaped, which would imply that they're about to break for lunch. Hurrah for lunch! Here's some amazing pictures which were drawn by an American fan and sent to the band. Tour Manager Colin's a little upset that there isn't one of him. Anyone care to email us a drawing of him to There's a picture of him below the doodles, to provide you with inspiration.

1.51PM: Oh we do like it when you email us weather reports to According to Patricia Buenos Aires, "It's a beautiful sunny day here in Buenos Aires. Not too hot." How is it where you are?

1.46PM: Tom has now donned his acoustic guitar and is playing a song. Hmm, don't think we're supposed to tell you which though. The band don't want us to spoil too many surprises today. But, luckily, pictures don't make any noise...

1.39PM: Tour Manager Colin's back from lunch, he had soup and salad, which he tells us was very good. The caterers for the whole tour have already joined the band. So, in a way, they're rehearsing too. The band have just finished Crystal Ball and it's all gone quiet. We'll go and see why..

1.37PM: It's not easy being green

1.33PM: Tom and his geetar, Jesse and his keyboard...

1.29PM: Standby for more pictures...

1.20PM: Weather report: It's very nice indeed. Cold. but bright. And yesterday's snow has all but melted.

1.17PM: The band are playing Atlantic. Oh, they were. They literally just stopped. Guess that's what happens in rehearsals. And now they're playing Perfect Symmetry. Gotta love that song.

1.10PM: in the area! Yes, we've arrived at the band's secret rehearsal space in the north of England, where they've just belted through Leaving So Soon. We've set up in the tour management office, alongside Colin and Beth, who've just popped to get some lunch.

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