LIVE EARTH – LIVE BLOG! 07 July 2007
Up-to-the-minute blog of a big day for Keane

Hello folks. Today Keane are playing the London leg of the Live Earth shows at Wembley Stadium. We'll be keeping you bang up to date with how their day progresses. Feel free to email us at to let us know where you'll be watching Live Earth from. And if you want to watch Live Earth online, head to

9.23pm - Text from Tim
Done and dusted! It's a fantastic feeling to play on that stage. I really hope today helps to turn people's attention towards the climate situation. It's got to be much more than just a great day out. Here's hoping. Anyway, more frivolously... backstage was chaos. Tom got accosted by an effusive Mike D, while I devised an onstage gymnastics routine with Nicole Scherzinger, caught up with Kele from Bloc Party and chewed the fat with Tom Meighan in the gents. My wife made me vacate my seat in catering, "Because Doctor Who needs somewhere to sit". Life is strange. A great day. Hopefully the start of something big.

Thanks Tim. This really is the last post, thanks yet again for all your emails (we've had loads!). We'll leave you with a picture of "Keane's three youngest fans in California" during the band's Live Earth performance. Hello to Ian (5), Theadora (8), and Charlotte, who is three today! Happy birthday Charlotte!!

And on that note, good night. Make sure you don't leave your TVs on standby tonight. Right? Right.

7.32pm - Text from Beth
And we're done. How good was that? Everyone's really pleased with how it went. Our last job of the day is a quick interview on camera for the official DVD of Live Earth. We're all off home (after getting up at 6am this morning, we're all pretty tired). See you soon, Bethx

Thanks Beth. And with that, we're going to sign off too. Thanks very much for all your emails, we've enjoyed reading every one of them. Enjoy the rest of the show, we're off to sit in the garden for a bit...

7.03pm - Interviewed on the BBC after the show
Tom spoke very passionately about how seriously Keane take climate change and what they're trying to do to combat it. And Richard revealed that he's giving his drum sticks from today to a friend who's giving them to someone as a wedding present!

"Wahou!!!! That was really amazing... wonderful... just great!! They played beautifully!!!" says Sandra by email, one of many who've emailed us to say how much they enjoyed it.

7.00pm - How it looked from where Beth was watching
They've finished and they were very good indeed. Here's a pic Beth texted during the last song...

6.56pm - Last song already!
So they belted through a storming 'Is It Any Wonder?' and now they're finishing with a typically anthemic 'Bedshaped'. All seems to be going down very well with the crowd which, as these pics show, is enormous. Tom's got them doing some amazing singing along too - now that they've turned the mics up on the crowd!

6.51pm - They're on!
And they've just finished playing 'Somewhere Only We Know'. This is how it looks on our telly...

6.32pm - Text from Beth
And now... we are starting to walk from the dressing room. We'll be waiting side of stage for the next 20 minutes or so. See you on the other side!

Thanks Beth. Now it's getting *really* exciting.

6.12pm - Text from Beth
Hello from Live Earth. Not long to go now. Strangely calm in the Keane camp. Tom's just walked in the dressing room from warming up in Madonna's wardrobe area. Tim is reclining on the sofa and Richard is nowhere to be seen. Oh here he is. Lots of good things going on here. Richard was very pleased to meet Chris Rock earlier whilst the boys had an official photograph taken. I'm leaving them now so they can get ready to play to 80,000 people, plus the rest of the world watching on TV!

Thanks Beth. And hello to Keane fans who've been emailing in from Latvia, Switzerland, America and lots of other places.

5.37pm - More swearing!

The BBC just cut Chris Rock off mid-speech, as he turned the air extremely blue while introducing the Red Hot Chili Peppers. There must be something in the backstage water.

By the way, if you're not sure exactly what climate change is, then you might find this article interesting.

5.18pm - Out in the crowd
Beth very kindly just texted another pic...

4.51pm - The media run
As promised, Beth's just texted some pictures direct from backstage at Wembley. Here they are...

Apparently they've just filmed an interview for the BBC too. So that should be on the telly soon then...

4.24pm - Two hours to go...
We just spoke to Beth, the band have made it to Wembley, but apparently they're struggling to send pics on their mobiles from there for some reason. But Beth says they're currently on the "media run" and she's going to try again to send a pic once they're done. We're guessing the "media run" is where the band do a load of interviews, as opposed to a bunch of journalists going for a jog. Black Eyed Peas are on at the moment. Which is nice.

In the meantime, we'll say hello to a random bunch of the people who've emailed Hi to Win in Malaysia, Barbara from Buenos Aires, Katrina at Harvard (she must be brainy), Mariana from San Cristobal in Venezuela and Tanya who's "watching Live Earth on my laptop in a fancy hotel room on the beautiful Hainan island in China". And a big hello to the missus who's been putting up with us popping over to the laptop every few minutes all day.

3.17pm - On top of the world
We're now getting far too many emails to namecheck you all - sorry about that, but it's nice to hear from so many of you all over the world. We've not heard from the band for a couple of hours now, perhaps they're walking from Waterloo to Wembley. But until they get in touch, here's a rather cool picture which Tracey just emailed in. Clearly it's Keane sitting on Planet Earth...

Our guess is that it's Tom, Richard and Tim, in that order. Oh, and if you're trying to figure out the time zones where you are, Keane are due to be on in just over three hours.

2.19pm - Pics of you watching Live Earth
Here's a pic of Catarina in Oporto, Portugal watching Live Earth on her computer...

Meanwhile, April is watching in Kentucky, USA, Julia is watching in Colombia (where it's chilly), Paulien is watching online in Holland, as is Lindsay, Vanessa is watching on her PC in Barcelona, while everyone else has a siesta and Isabela is checking out Live Earth in her bedroom in Brazil, as is Luis who is "watching online at my home, but later today i'll be watching it on TV at my grandma's farm, beside a tropical forest". Now that sounds nice. Send us a pic Luis!

At the gig, Razorlight just finished. They were good. But they swore too. Everyone's at it!

1.59pm - Phil Collins is naughty
Phil Collins just sang a bad word, changing the word "mess" in Genesis's 'Invisible Touch' to a rather ruder one, for no obvious reason. Let's hope Srita Black, watching at home in Mexico City, wasn't upset.

1.32pm - Many drummers drumming
The Wembley show has begun. Lots of people are drumming. The melody sounds a bit like the warning noise lorries make when they're reversing. Adriana is watching online in Colombia. If you'd like to do the same, head to

1.04pm - UK TV coverage begins
Yes, the BBC's coverage of Live Earth has just begun. This is how the start looked on our telly....

Cutting edge of photo journalism, no? Meanwhile, we've had emails from Bárbara in Spain, Stephanie in Holland, Ana in Portugal, Pauline in Norwich and Melani who is "watching the sunrise over the Mississippi River on vacation in Iowa!". All of them are watching Live Earth, while keeping an eye on

12.15pm - Text from Beth (Keane's PA)
Hello! We left Amsterdam at 6.45am this morning, all rather tired. We're just coming into London's Waterloo station now, ready to make our way up to Wembley for Live Earth. Here are some pictures I've just taken on the train with my phone...

Thanks Beth. And hello to Emma in Cornwall, UK and Ana from Monterey, Mexico, who's going to be watching Live Earth in the internet cafe she works in.

12.04pm - Wembley webcam
Click here to check out a webcam of the outside of Wembley Stadium, which updates every 60 seconds. Considering the show starts in an hour, it doesn't look very busy. Meanwhile, Natalie has emailed to say she's just finished watching the Australian Live Earth at home in Queensland, while Delora in Portugal is preparing to watch Live Earth at home by doing some cleaning in the kitchen. Let us know what you're up to...

11.14am - weather
This is the weather the BBC is predicting for London today...

Makes a nice change, as it's rained here pretty much every day since April. The 80,000 people going along to Wembley Stadium for Live Earth will be very pleased. Meanwhile, Annabelle is the first person to email to tell us where she'll be watching Live Earth from: "On TV in my living room in King's Lynn, Norfolk with my family." Nice.

9.12am - Tim
Morning! Here's Posh and Becks on the train from Amsterdam to Brussels. Our decision to take trains everywhere in an attempt to be greener has meant some very early mornings and late nights, so everyone's feeling a tad delicate... hence the shades.

These are my two high-brown purchases to entertain me for the rest of the journey. Geek, moi?

Last night in Amsterdam was brilliant. Everyone got drenched - including Tom - but the crowd were phenomenal despite the rain and saved us by singing along even louder when all the keyboards blew up in 'Bedshaped'! Tom's lost his voice, but hey, we're not doing anything big today...

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