LIVE EARTH BLOG 11 July 2007
Rob's pics from Wem-ber-ley Stadium on Saturday

Hello again.

Live Earth was fabulous and we were all excited to be a part of something so hugely important and, um, importantly huge.

Backstage was a celebrity spotter's dream. Highlights included: Metallica holding a door open for Geri Halliwell to push her pram though, me winning the 'who can stand closest to a member of Spinal Tap' contest in the bar afterwards (less than a foot away from Derek Smalls while pretending to be pointing out a problem with the air conditioning - as you're asking), a very smiley Dave Grohl walking around with his delightful daughter in his arms, keyboard tech Thom coming back from the loo and saying loudly that he'd 'just has a piss with Boris Becker' and Richard talking to Taylor Hawkins (drummer with the Foos) while waiting for their Bio Deisel-powered lifts home.

For a music fan the day was awesome too. My personal favourites were my childhood heroes Duran Duran effortlessly playing 'Girls on Film', Spinal Tap playing Stonehenge (with dwarves - or are they dwarfs?), The Foo Fighters powering their way through 'Times Like These' and The Beastie Boys' jawdroppingly, airpunchingly good 'Sabotage'.

Righto then, pictures:

The very start of the show from out on the field. Wembley is big. Very very big.

All the bands' gear was set up in the service road behind the stage and rolled up the ramp about 45 minutes before your slot. The stage revolved and we only had 15 minutes to set up, plug in and check everything worked before it turned - pretty high pressure stuff.

The atmosphere back here was good (lots of old friends working for other bands) but tense. Everyone was checking and checking again and mentally running through what had to be done.

Richard came down to look over the other bands' gear (well their drums actually) and make sure everything was good with his kit.

Tour manager Colin brings Tim back to the dressing room after he's done some interviews. Keane neighbours were James Blunt, Paolo Nutini and Madonna.

Richard and Tom watching a bit of Duran Duran and getting a feel for how huge the place was.

Old friend (and piano tuner to the Queen) Alex trying to tune the CP70 during the Chilli Peppers set. It's a delicate job that needs perfect silence - so no wonder he's looking stern. Keyboard Tech Thom in the background.

Richard's kit waiting to be pushed on stage.

I sneaked to the front as Corrinne Bailey Rae's crew were setting up and took this shot. There's a few people out there.

Keane arrived at the stage 20 minutes before showtime to get used to where everything was.

Tim's looking over his pianos

Drum tech Scott and Richard check everything is as it should be.

For some reason Tom decided to nip over the fence at the back of the stage and run up and down some stairs.

My view during the show part 1.

My view during the show part 2.

Tim and handsome soundman / production manager Ant talk through things after the show (summary: it was great)

Tom and Richard in the dressing room aferwards.

Post show interview.

At this point I put my camera away and headed off to the VIP area for a gin and tonic and to watch some bands. What a top day!

France next weekend, hurrah! I'll try and take some more pictures if I can stop eating delicious cheese for long enough.


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