Live blog from Newmarket 10 August 2013

22.38: And with that, we’ll bid you goodnight. Big thanks for the hundreds of emails and comments and tweets you’ve sent us throughout the blog – it’s always great seeing them. Until next time…

(You can click this one to see a hi-res version)

(Oh, and just realised that – amazingly – we made a little profit from our betting today. Will be giving that to War Child.)

22.27: Lots of you emailing asking to see tonight’s full setlist. So here it is…

22.20:  As Newmarket has a shutdown of traffic leaving backstage for about an hour after the show, the band have all jumped in their cars and headed off already. But they looked like they were buzzing as they came off stage.

22.18: This just in from Yasmin to "We’re talking with some keane fans in twitter and we would like to know who is behind this INCREDIBLE LABOUR! We want to know who is behind the sign km and the liveblog! It’s like a mystery for many of us xD"

The name’s KM. Mr KM. 🙂

(But thanks for the kind words)

22.13: And we’re done. What a genuinely great show. Here are a couple of photos from during Crystal Ball…

22.06: And now they’re playing their last song of the night! Crystal Ball. Better dash and get a pic or two…

22.05: A couple more from during Bedshaped (which was the last song of the main set)

22.03: The band are having an awful lot of fun out there, as this one shows…

And a nice one of Rich…

21.48: Somewhere Only We Know. Off to get more pics…

21.47: Nice one of Tom smiling at the end of IIAW. I wasn’t exactly sure what a gig after horse racing would be like, but it really is a great crowd. They’re so up for it.

21.45: More from IIAW, as the opening chords of This Is The Last Time strike up…

21.40: They’re currently playing Hamburg Song, which is sounding as gorgeous as ever. But here’s the first of a few photos from during Is It Any Wonder?

21.39: Seems fair to say that these folks are enjoying themselves…

21.29: Spiralling (woo!), so heading off to take some more photos…

21.27: After Under Pressure, Tom performed Your Eyes Open solo, with just his acoustic guitar.

21.26: Under Pressure sounded fantastic, and had an awful lot of people bouncing. It’s busy out there too!

21.18: They’re playing Under Pressure (the song they were rehearsing earlier). Off to watch / take more photos…

21.16: Quite pleased with this one of Tim…

21.15: Richard and Jesse

(We’ve just managed to get on the venue’s wifi for the first time today!)

21.13: Holland in the house!

21.12: And another Tom one…

21.09: These are going to have to come one at a time with this internet connection! Here’s Tom, against the night sky.

 photo onnow1_zps2c88a2f9.jpg

21.05: Back. More photos coming. They’re doing Silenced By The Night at the moment, by the way. Sounds mighty.

20.56: Off to take some more photos….

20.55: And this is the start of the first song…

 photo one1_zps2c6aba3b.jpg

20.53: Here are some photos of them going on…

 photo onn1_zps86c5ebf2.jpg

 photo onn2_zps52f43583.jpg

 photo onn3_zpse6528fe1.jpg

 photo onn4_zpsaab7ecdc.jpg

Um, sorry Jesse.

20.48: Bend And Break. And we can hear the crowd singing along from here.

20.47: Here’s a pic of the band warming up. We’ve been doing these live blogs a while now, but it is SUCH a privilege to be in a room watching them perform together like that. They were rehearsing a song they haven’t played for a while too…

 photo bnn1_zps152df348.jpg

20.45: They’re on! And playing You Are Young! Pictures to follow (please Mr Internet…..)

20:31: The internet has decided that now is a good time to go really, really slow. Possibly because the last race just finished (we missed it, sadly) and everyone’s going online…

20:28: This is how it’s looking at Corrinne’s house in LA (she emailed

 photo photo_zps40459128.jpg

20:16: Some really good captions coming in for what Richard’s saying in the picture below. These are some of our favourites…

"I’m over those guys, I’ll be the other Richard Hughes! A racer!" (Rebeca)

"There’s no jockeys with their names!" (Juli)

"Hey, he is Jesse, most lovely guy!! But he is sleepy…" (Chi)

 "This guy? No, he’s not in the band!" (Rosmi from Peru – who loves Jesse)

Thanks everyone! We’d post more if the internet wasn’t so blooming slow!

20.09: So, what do you think Richard is saying in this one? Email your caption to…

 photo knbtca11_zpsb39e701a.jpg

20.02: The band have just been meeting some competition winners and guests, before the show (which isn’t too far away now – as it’s after the next race.)

 photo knbta9_zps6a211dab.jpg

19.58: Our £2 place bet won us £5.60. So that’s nice. If we’d been bold and put the £2 on Forgive to win, we’d have won about £16. But let’s not think about that.

19.54: Richard Hughes (drummer) is very pleased for Richard Hughes (jockey)


19.50: Next race is about to begin. COME ON FORGIVE! (We’ve gone for a place. So it only needs to be in the Top 2 of the 5 runners.)

19.48: Here’s the sort of view that Tom saw (still two races to go – then everyone heads over towards the stage)

 photo knbt19_zps5bb9d3a8.jpg

19.47: Tom’s just been to have a little look at the stage…

 photo knbt1_zps37f11545.jpg

19.33: You’re still emailing from all over the world. It’s great to see all your emails.

19.30: The next race (the fifth of sixth today) is another Richard Hughes (jockey) one. So we’re putting our £2 on his horse Number 1, Forgive. Could it be third time lucky for Richard Hughes (jockey)? Could meeting his namesake inspire him to victory? Only time will tell….

19.29: Chris has emailed asking us to bid goodnight to his two little boys, who’ve been following the blog. GOODNIGHT BOYS.

19.28: Tom’s here! And here he is, studying the form (or at least pretending to). He’s also been talking about today’s England v Australia cricket match (the first day of five): "You just don’t know until both teams have batted," he says, wisely.

 photo knb311_zps5e6a1a97.jpg

19.22: We lost. Again. By miles this time. Gambling = mug’s game, as we may have said earlier.

19.15: Oh and here’s the winner of the previous race. It’s quite hard to keep up…!

 photo knb31_zpsd2337e5a.jpg

19.11: Horse 1 it is. WIlfred Pickles. Off to put the bet on…

19.04: Right, next race is in 11 minutes. Pick a number from below and put it as the subject of an email to We’ll pick the most popular at 19.10.

 photo raceee_zps658a5377.jpg

19.01: And here they are! Richard Hughes and Richard Hughes!

 photo knb2_zpsb9fbeea0.jpg

18.59: Sadly, Richard Hughes’ horse only came fourth in that one (and we had it to win). Photo of the big Richard Hughes summit coming up…

18.44: The next race is about to begin. We’re heading off for the big Richard Hughes summit after that. So we’ll leave you with this picture of Richard with an AMAZING portrait of his cat painted for him by Marie. He loves it!

 photo knb1_zps50c2b0c5.jpg

See you back here in a bit….

18.37: Here’s a photo of Secret Ocean storming through to take third place in the last race…

 photo kna1_zps71ef1d0f.jpg

18.33: Here’s Tim, tinkling the ivories!

18.31: "All of Keane members didn’t arrive there together???" asks Chi from Taiwan, to

No, as this show is fairly near to where they live (couple of hours’ drive), they’ve all come separately. Tom is the only one yet to arrive (he was hardest hit by the traffic).

18:27: The next race is at 18.45. It’s another Richard Hughes one so we will, of course, be betting on his horse, Sebastian Beach.

18:25: BREAKING NEWS: Richard Hughes (drummer) is going to meet Richard Hughes (jockey) in a few minutes. "I occasionally get abusive tweets when he loses!" says Richard. We will, of course, be there to capture this amazing coming together of RHs.

18.19: Look who’s arrived!

18.18: Remember, here at we do NOT condone gambling. But our £2 place bet just won us £9.80. Which at least means we can afford to put £2 on the rest of the races. 🙂


18.06: Secret Ocean is a big outsider (ie, it’s not expected to win), so we’ve bet on the place (which means we still win if it comes in the first 3…)

18.05: OK, it looks like Number 5 is your choice (with 1 and 8 close behind). Let’s go with that then. Secret Ocean – this is your time….

18.01: Richard just arrived! "You just lost me a fiver," says Colin.

17.54: So, the next race is at 18.10. The runners and riders are below. Email us on with the horse number you think we should put our £2 on this time. Please put the number as the subject of the email. We’ll go with whichever one is most popular by 18.05…

17.52: So here’s how tonight’s stage is looking. It’s pretty much opposite the finish line, in the middle of the main stand (where we took that photo of the race from). Amazing to see so many Keane fans already waiting at the barrier! 

 photo kn25_zpsc29629cc.jpg

 photo kn26_zps7d2bb58d.jpg

 photo kn28_zps3686442d.jpg

17.49: Love how all you live blog regulars are sending weather reports from all over the world to, even though we hadn’t even asked you to yet. So far, we’ve had emails from Pakistan, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, Texas, Peru, the Phillipines, Germany, LA, Michigan and of course good old UK. And that’s just from a quick flick through. Amazing.

17.45: Bad news. Royal Connection only managed third place, as our photo of the finish line will show you. Disappointing result for Richard Hughes and Keane fans everywhere. For the record, the winner was Chinese Jade.

17.42 : The race is beginning! Off to watch it. Back soon….

17.41: Here’s a couple of photos of the dressing rooms…

 photo kn21_zpse46d208b.jpg

 photo kn22_zps85627fbc.jpg

17.36: This just in from Richard…

"I’ve stopped off in Cambridge for a coffee and chelsea bun from Fitzbillies, both of which were bloomin tasty, possibly the finest chelsea bun I have ever had (rivalling Foxcroft & Ginger in Soho, the previous holder of that title)… I’d send you a photo, but I ate it."

So that presumably rules out any chance of him being the jockey.

17.33: As there’s a Tote nearby, we have now played £2 on Royal Connection to win. If it does, that means we’ll win about £12. At this point, we should say that we do not condone gambling – we’re just doing it so that you can join in the fun of the races. 🙂

17.30: The first race begins in TEN MINUTES! You can see the full race card here. We’re going to have to bet on Royal Connection – ridden by Richard Hughes! (Presumably not *that* Richard Hughes.)

17.28: And we’re back. Still no band members here (sounds like traffic between Sussex and Newmarket isn’t great…). But they should be here before too long.

17.15: Going to go for a quick wander and take some photos of the racecourse…

17.10: This, meanwhile, is a little horse we saw on the roof of the ticket office. Which is nice.

 photo kn11_zpsd0d3d8ab.jpg

17.09: This is the flag on the way into Newmarket Racecourse…

 photo kn12_zps96528dc6.jpg

17.08: We’re sitting next to the band’s tour manager, Colin, today. He’s just been saying how good the recent shows were in Portugal and Spain were.

17.05: The band are not here just yet. They’re all on their way and should be here before long. Don’t forget, you can keep in touch with us by emailing Always nice to hear from you.

17.03: We have a photo uploaded! And it’s of some folks arriving into the racecourse (everyone looks jolly smart!)

 photo kn14_zps6abc560b.jpg

16:56: Oh dear. The internet here is verrrrrrry slow. This is somewhat disappointing…

Friday 9 August, 16:53: Hello! We’ve arrived at Newmarket. And we’ll start posting some pics in a minute…

Thursday 8 August: We’re pleased to report that km is heading to Newmarket Racecourse to live blog the band’s headline show (which will follow actual horse racing!). Join us right here on the site for lots of behind-the-scenes updates and photos, before, during and after the show.

If you’ve not seen our live blogs before, here’s the one from last year’s show at London’s O2.

Or, if you fancy coming to the Newmarket show, some tickets are still available from here.

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