Live album released 23 December 2008


The exclusive live album recorded on the European tour is now available in the Shop. The tracklisting is as follows:

1. The Lovers Are Losing - Oslo Sentrum - 3/11/08
2. Better Than This - Madrid La Riviera - 11/11/08
3. Again And Again - Barcelona Razzmatazz - 9/11/08
4. You Don't See Me - Barcelona Razzmatazz - 9/11/08
5. Bend And Break (acoustic) - Stockholm Annex - 1/11/08
6. Try Again (acoustic) - Koln Paladium - 6/11/08
7. You Haven't Told Me Anything - Madrid La Riviera - 11/11/08
8. Perfect Symmetry - Copenhagen Valby Hall - 31/10/08
9. Spiralling - Copenhagen Valby Hall - 31/10/08
10. Love Is The End - Rotterdam Ahoy - 28/10/08

The album was produced by Tim Rice-Oxley and mixed by Thom Pierce.

Those of you who pre-ordered the album, or bought it with a European, US or Latin American ticket will be receiving your download details imminently. Those of you who bought it with a UK ticket will receive your special 12-track version in February.

For the rest of you, you can sample the album with our full stream of Again And Again, above. If you like the sound of it, download the album from here now.

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