#KEANEMAP 22 May 2013

Hello Everyone

Firstly, a huge thank you to all of you who turned up to see us in Latin America. We had a great time - as expected, levels of dedication for Keane were at an all time high!

Secondly, looking forwards, we have some exciting ideas ready for the coming months. Unbelievably, it's 10 years since we set off in a little van touring around England, armed with the songs that would make up Hopes & Fears. As a way of celebrating this little landmark, we would love YOUR help in getting an idea off the ground. So here it is...

We would like as many of you as possible to gather your Keane-related memories, photos, videos etc to post on our sparkling and wonderful new #KEANEMAP. It could be the place where you first heard a Keane song or a place where a Keane song became the soundtrack to a part of your life. Weddings, parties, nights out, nights in, climbing mountains, giving birth, breaking up, getting together etc etc etc.. If our music played a part in your life, we'd love to hear how and why!

That's it for starters…we'll keep you updated.

Lots of love,

Tom x

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