Keane shop latest 17 February 2009


The Keane web shop is currently closed, following an announcement from its providers, Trinity Street, that they have ceased trading. This unfortunate situation has obviously come as a shock to us, but we will do our very best to make sure that all Keane orders are honoured.

To help us with this, if you have an outstanding order, please email all of the information you have to, where we will deal with it as quickly as we can. Please include the following details:

Full name:
Order confirmation number:
Email contact:
Contact telephone number:
Delivery address given:
Product(s) ordered and quantity:
Date order made:
Has the payment been deducted from your bank account (if so, when):

We will be opening a new Keane shop as soon as we can. In the meantime you can buy Keane music from the following retailers:

Download from your local iTunes store

– CDs/DVDs from Amazon (click your country)

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