Keane release single on memory stick 19 October 2006

Worldwide first available at UK HMV stores

Keane will release a limited edition of ‘Nothing In My Way’, their third single taken from ‘Under The Iron Sea’, on a ground breaking new format for a singles release – the USB memory Stick.

Only 1,500 will be produced for fans, and they will be available solely through HMV stores around the UK.

‘Nothing In My Way’ will be released on USB on Monday, 30th October 2006 and will retail for £3.99.  It will be presented in standard-sized CD packaging, with the memory stick shrink-wrapped to the sleeve artwork, so it will be easy to merchandise in-store.  The single will also be available
on CD, vinyl and digital formats.

This unique innovative format bridges the gap between physical and digital channels of music distribution, and offers a truly multi-platform media package.  The uniqueness of this new product also extends to the fact that it is re-usable, as this memory stick has a capacity of 512mb and is the world’s thinnest flash drive.

Gary Rolfe, HMV Head of Music comments:
“HMV has always helped to pioneer the development of new formats, so we’re delighted to support this groundbreaking initiative from Keane and Island Records by being the first retailer to stock such a release.

“It fits perfectly with our stated aim of giving fans the widest possible access to music and entertainment products across all platforms, however and whenever they wish to buy them – in-store, online and digitally. The beauty of this product is that it brings all these different elements together, further underlining our credentials as a multi-channel specialist.”

Jon Turner, General Manager Island Records adds:
“I’m delighted that Island Records are leading the way in embracing groundbreaking and innovative ways to deliver music to the consumer.   The Kingmax SuperStick introduces a new dynamic to the format business and could well become a standard music carrier in the future.

“We wanted to offer the fans something unique, and this format gives the user a whole host of benefits, ranging from the obvious in terms of content delivery, to the fact that it can be re-used as a content holder. It’s the ultimate in added value.”

The content will include:
• ‘Nothing In My Way’ audio
• ‘NIMY’ video
• 3x screensavers (Corin Hardy tube animations)
• Link to special page on the website to view an alternative version of ‘Nothing In My Way'(including a competition to see the band in the US next year)

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