Keane offer fans live bootlegs on UK tour 10 October 2006

So you can see a gig, then take it home on CD!

In the first UK deal of its kind, Island Records and Keane have teamed up with Concert Live to sell fans a CD recording of the gig they have just attended within ten minutes of the show ending.  

Concert Live, in partnership with, have made it possible for the fans to exclusively buy the gig they have just seen, so they can relive the concert experience when they get home.  Recorded, mixed and mastered in real time, the CDs are produced straight after the gig providing a unique momento and a collector’s item. The run of ‘official bootlegs’ will be limited to 1,000 units for each gig.

James Perkins, MD of Concert live says: “It is very exciting to be working with Keane on this tour as it provides fans with a unique, strictly limited edition, collectible product and a new and exciting way of consuming live music. It is a great step forward for the industry and we are lucky to have a forward thinking label supporting the mechanic.”

Nick Gatfield, President of Island Records Group, added: “I’m delighted that once again Island Records Group are leading the way in embracing groundbreaking and innovative ways to deliver music to the consumer.  Recordings of live shows have always been available but often of poor quality and from dubious sources.  This exciting new initiative will for the first time deliver a premium quality, legitimate live recording.”

Fans can order online at from today, from within the venue at the concert, and post concert. They can choose to either pick up after the gig, or have the CD sent via mail order. In this way, the product is also available for those who cannot make the concert, but would still like to hear it.

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