Jesse’s Asian tour photoblog 02 October 2012


Hello! Richard needed a little holiday from doing his photoblog so he’s asked me to cover for him on this tour. Sorry I’ve left it so late. I only have my phone, my film camera and my lomo fisheye camera so it’s been….limited. I’ll get all my black and white films developed when I get home and put them up but in the mean time here are hundreds of pointless pictures that have very little to do with South East Asia. Yay!

This is Richard Hughes. You may recognise him from his pop group.

Somehow managed to end up in a karaoke room in a building called ‘Party World’ after the show in Taipei. Tom wasn’t there sadly and the photos of Tim are all massively overexposed for some reason.

Our secuty guy, Andy, has a suprisingly pleasant tenor!

Richard did a VERY good version of Losing My Religion by REM.

Tom still hasn’t worked out how to play the guitar.

This was yum.


Just in case you have some processed dog meat you need to get rid of at the airport.





 Japan Airlines do gooood food.

Pain progress.


Colin trying to work out which city we’re supposed to be in.



The staff at our hotel in Singapore met us with Leis and Singapore Slings. I think they thought we were someone else.

This guy was just getting ready for us to eat him. Now I feel sad. At Raffles in Singapore.

 There was no internet at the venue in Singapore. This is what happens when roadies don’t have internet. This is the crew room.

 It went one step further when Matt Arthur added lights and they opened a gallery.

 This is Tom relaxing at the airport. Notice the sunglasses.





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