Jesse: “The album is definitely taking shape now” 15 November 2011

Hey everyone,

Just stopping by to say hello and give you a little update on recording.

We’ve been working hard out in the countryside. Well, not in the countryside, but in a studio that is in the countryside. That doesn’t sound as hard does it? Now I feel lazy.

Autumn is (in my humble opinion) the most beautiful time of year in rural England. Every time we take a break to get some fresh air (or walk to the pub) you feel so invigorated and alive. I love it when the sun’s shining but it’s cold outside. Richard managed to accidentally scare a flock of geese into starting their migration the other day. I think it was probably his face that did it. Anyways, big bowls of piping hot stew and over-measured whiskey macs all round; the nights are drawing in and Winter’s a’coming.

The album is definitely taking shape now and for the first time it’s starting to feel like we can listen to where we’ve got to so far and breathe a small sigh of relief at the fact that it sounds AWESOME. I’d like to try to redeem myself after my comment about Richard’s face by adding that he has seriously surpassed himself with the drumming on this record. My bass playing is still as shaky and rubbish as ever though. We’ve both enjoyed a couple of late nights sitting in the control room, drinking Curious Brew and playing our 90s hip hop collections at full blast while everyone else has gone to bed. Remember this?

Tim’s bought, or possibly stolen, an old Mellotron which looks like this and sounds amazing. What with Tom’s magic mic there’s no excuse is there! We also invited our good friends Ben Castle and Nick Etwell to stop by the other day to put some beautiful flugelhorn, bass clarinet and tenor sax on two songs (don’t panic, it sounds reeeeaaallyyy good).

Anyway that’s it from me. Hope you’re all happy and in the rudest of health!

Lots of love,


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