ISLE OF WIGHT BLOG #2 12 June 2007

The lovely Ian Faith files another pair-obsessed report from on-the-road with Keane

Hello again all – here are some more of my musings, this time from the Isle Of Wight Festival.  Specifically, I’d like to introduce you to a new set of Pairs Of Things, starting with the ferry ride from Portsmouth (note picture of Portsmouth from the back of the ferry below).

These are some of my favourite boat-based pairs:

On arriving, we were whisked away to an art gallery where Keane did a photoshoot. The works on display were stunning and diverse, but the visitors to the gallery didn’t show a great deal of respect for them.  I had to remove this man from the Jackson Pollock canvas that he was standing on.

Later on we saw this man buried in concrete – what a way to go!

The boys were pretty short on time before going on stage, and were gutted that they couldn’t make it to the fairground rides out in the park, so Richard gave Tim and Tom his special ‘Winnebago Whirl’ backstage.

The Festival itself had a great vibe – lots of lovely hot people singing along to Keane as the sun went down.  Here’s Tom escaping from Richard’s Winnebago ride onto the stage at full pelt.

It's shaping up to be a good summer.

Ian Faith

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