Interview: SLC video director Lindy Heymann 09 August 2012

We gave Sovereign Light Café director Lindy Heymann a shout to find out a bit more about the video. (Those of you in Germany can watch the video here.)

Q. Hi Lindy. Congrats on the Sovereign Light Café video – it’s gone down very well with the Keane fans. Are you pleased with how it turned out?
A. Thank you – yes we’re all very pleased with it and I’m delighted that the fans feel the same way.  I set out to capture the heart and spirit of Bexhill and hopefully the video has done that.

Q. What was your original concept for the video?
A. The band wanted to shoot a video that featured the Sovereign Light Café – so Bexhill was always our destination. The idea for using the people of Bexhill came from coming across all the different wild and wonderful groups and clubs in the area. It really is amazing the variety of pursuits on offer and how many there are. From Edwardian Cyclists and Belly Dancers to Classic Car Enthusiasts, Marching Bands and Rowers. There really is something for everyone.

Q. How did you manage to find all the people who appear in the video?
A. I found many of them on the internet but Ann Marie and Lauren (members of our wonderful production team) contacted the groups individually to see if they may be interested. I remember it was very short notice as the band were in the middle of touring and only available for one day. No one we approached turned us down which I think says a lot about Keane.

Q. Was it difficult working with so many people?
A. Yes, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t… but it was also brilliant – there wasn’t a script as such so my poor Producer and First AD had the challenge of scheduling everyone with call times and locations along the beachfront. We did our best – but invariably there was a lot of waiting around for people. The band were great as they hung out with everyone which I think helped keep the atmosphere relaxed.

Q. Quite a few fans have said the video has a bit of an Olympics feel to it. Was that intentional?
A. Yes – I think that too – it wasn’t intentional, but looking back it does feel like it’s capturing the moment.

Q. How long was the shoot? Did it all go smoothly?
A. It was all day – dawn to dusk – and yes it was a great day. Of course we were extremely fortunate with the weather (some of the crew came away with sun tans) – I think if I remember right, it rained on both days either side of the shoot.

Q. Presumably passers by soon became aware that you and the band were filming a video? Did that cause any issues?
A. No, surprisingly it didn’t. The locals were so relaxed and friendly and extremely understanding about us shooting.

Q. Had you been to Bexhill before? It looks beautiful in the video.
A. I had but years and years ago – it’s a lovely stretch of coast and very cinematic.

Q. Did you get to sample the fare of the actual Sovereign Light Café?
A. Of course – they were fantastic – they catered the video.

Q. Finally, what are you working on next?
A. At the moment I’m working on a feature film about a feisty, female pickpocket in 19th Century London.  I know… couldn’t be more different!!

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