Hello 18 October 2011


After spending most of this year writing, rehearsing, chopping and changing, we are finally recording our new album. In fact, thanks to all the time spent on pre-production we’re getting through recording very quickly (so far…) and things are sounding very exciting indeed.

We started with a week in Sussex with a new producer, plus our faithful assistant engineer Tom ‘The Chief’ Hough, prepping a few last details and working through a couple of very new songs. To double up our work-rate, the other Tom (the one who does the singing) and I set up in a shed and tinkered with vocal ideas. And in the evenings there was occasionally time for a walk to the pub for some local ales and a game of Toad In The Hole as the last of the light summer evenings gave way to autumn.

To begin recording properly, we decamped to London for an intense two weeks that featured a LOT of drumming, a fair bit of piano-mangling, a sprinkling of bass and singing and a huge number of salt beef sandwiches. We’re now moving back down to Sussex with 16 songs well underway, and we can’t wait to piece the rest of it together. Things are sounding really, really great.

Anyway, while we’re getting on with that we’re going to try and keep you updated with news, photos and videos from the studio and elsewhere. It’s going to be a very exciting few weeks for us, and we hope to share some of that with you.

Lots of love,

Tim, Tom, Richard and Jesse

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