H 27 October 2009

So, if you're going to make a video for our Hopes And Fears video contest, using Snowed Under, it obviously helps if you live in a place with lots of snow. Which, as luck would have it, was the case for Keane fan Lena S who lives in Siberia, Russia. Over to Lena:

"This is my video for Hopes and Fears video contest. It's my first video ever! And so I'm a little bit nervous about it. This song I associate with my town, people that are living here and my friends. I love this song so much and I unhesitatingly decided filming video on this song. Recently have been a lot of snowfalls and I was very glad to it Some frames with my crazy friends, because I filmed it yesterday, after birthday party of my friend. And I want congratulate her with birthday. So, Happy Birthday Olya!!
I hope that you will like it. I hope you won't judge strictly."

It's a great effort for a first video Lena. (And happy birthday Olya.)

NB: Please note that offensive, aggressive or hateful comments will not be tolerated on Please respect the endeavours of those who have gone to the trouble of making videos. Thank you.

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