GOOD EVENING WEMBLEY! 28 February 2007

We came, we saw, we took pictures

11.05PM – “IT WAS GREAT”
We just had a nice chat about cricket with Richard’s parents, who seemed lovely. Apparently Richard’s mum checks this website regularly, which is good to know (we’ll avoid rude words from now on).

We also bumped into Tim in the corridor, who seemed really pleased with the gig (the “great” quote above is his). Must be a strange feeling coming off stage and having all that sink in, but he looked very happy indeed, as you’ll see from the pic. That’s it from us. Thanks for reading and for all your emails.  Over and out. (Until next time.)

It was a long walk all the way over there.

The band have just finished their set with ‘Bedshaped’. The roar at the end was pretty darned big. As Tom told the crowd before the last song, “It feels like when you get a room full of Keane fans, something special happens.” He’s not wrong.

In other news, we now know that people are reading this in the following countries Australia (Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney), UK, USA (Missouri, Illinois, Minnesota, Arizona, Florida, Seattle, Denver, California, Virginia, Portland, Miami, New York, Michigan and Boston to be specific), Japan, Denmark, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Canada, France, Ireland, Germany, Peru, Finland (where it’s currently snowing, apparently), Venezuela, Argentina, Switzerland, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Holland, Norway, Paraguay, Mexico, Jordan, Russia, Turkey, Sweden, Czech Republic, Estonia, Malaysia, Croatia, Serbia and Slovakia. Thanks for all your emails!). More pics to follow…

Please email us at and tell us where you are – let’s see how world wide this so-called world wide web really is! In the meantime, we’ll go and take some more pictures…

It’s oddly scary crouching in front of 13,000 people taking photos. The show’s going down a storm though, We can hear the crowd singing along to ‘This Is The Last Time’ from here. And quite right too.

Crikey, we didn’t expect so many of you to email in! But we’ve decided the definitive answer is this one, from pmoon…

“About the cakes – I think the pink one is Rich as he is every girl’s dream and is quite happy to explore his feminine side…….
The coffee/beige one is Tim as he is quite jitterey and unable to keep that leg under control (and it also matches those socks he always wears….)
That leaves us with the lemon cake which is of course dear Tom.
Some of his remarks can be quite sharp but he is very juicy and just what I need  to wake me up each day…..”

Baddabing! Good work pmoon.

So the chaps are now on stage and we’re missing ‘Everybody’s Changing’ because of our dedication to the cause. Here are some pictures of them just before they went on stage, and once they were on it. Feel free to say hi –

In the corridor, a few metres from the stage. Nervous?

The logo matches Tim’s shirt, no?

The show begins…

Right, we’re off to watch a bit. More pics to follow….

8.26PM wasn’t actually meant to be coming to tonight’s gig at Wembley, but we got a bit over-excited (it’s Wemberley for goodness sake!) so we decided to come at the last minute. Here are some pictures we’ve just taken (with the newest ones at the top)…

The band, 12 minutes before stage time…

Warming up for the show. Look at those hands move!

Good evening Wembley, we work for the band’s website!

A pillow case with the lyrics to A Bad Dream on it. The best piece of merch ever? Not surprisingly these have sold out.

Richard with three cupcakes. Email to tell us which one represents which band member…

Rich, with the famous smoothie maker. And a lemon.

Tom, checking the setlist…

Tim, outside the dressing room

The door to backstage…

Wembley Arena. Nice lights.

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