Fans’ video interview 10 August 2009

Hello everyone,

We're Andrew and Chris, the duo behind the cult Keane podcast Beyond the Iron Sea. Just in case you've never heard of it (and if so, you may be on the wrong website), we've been offering a regular insight into what the band have been up to, complete with our own unique brand of "jokes", for more than a year now. Tim himself called it "a collection of lies, mis-information and childish humour", which is a fairly compelling endorsement, don't you think? You can subscribe - and download our back catalogue - at

To celebrate the first anniversary of our Keane-based shenanigans, the band have very kindly invited us to put some of your questions to them for a special fans' video interview. If you've ever been frustrated that the same old questions keep popping up in their interviews, this is your chance to make amends. We're looking for the best and most original questions from you guys - something different from the questions that they always get asked! We'll select our favourites and put them to Tim, Tom and Richard later this month.

If you'd like to be a part of this grand inquisition, send your questions in to us at as soon as possible - the closing date is Wednesday, August 19.

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