Fans collaboration video 25 June 2010

While we were doing the Roundhouse live blog recently, we received the following email:

"Please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are 4 winners/runners-up from the H&F contest: Abi (winner of She Has No Time), Élise (runner-up of Strangers), Liouba (runner-up of Bend & Break), and Manida (winner of Sunshine).  We are writing because we’d like to share with you a new video on which we 4 recently collaborated!  For over a month, we worked hard on this piece despite never having met one another in person. The strong foundation which united and propelled us to complete this project was based on the friendships we formed during the contest and our love for Keane. 
We would really like to thank Keane for all that they do and how they made our friendship possible.  This video is the best way we could think of to express it.
Thank you very much for your time.
Abi, Élise, Liouba, and Manida (Keanefansintl)"

The video is above. We love it. (The song is Something In Me Was Dying - a B-side of Bedshaped)

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