Fans’ Back In Time video 10 November 2010

We've been meaning to post this wonderful collaborative video for a litle while. Here's some info from the Keane fans who put it together:

This video was created by 8 ardent Keane fans from 6 different countries: Alessia and Elise from Canada, Karla from Mexico, Liouba from Russia, MacO from France, Manida from USA, Mark from England, and Ninon from France. It's soundtracked by the songs Back In Time and House Lights from Keane's Night Train EP. The 2-month collaborative project, which started back in July 2010, took place completely online without each member ever meeting in person. We do not own the rights to the music but created this work out of our common love for Keane and to push the boundaries of online collaboration.

Amazing work, guys. We look forward to the next one...

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