EL BLOG #9 20 April 2007

Tim writes from Rio and shares some pics

We flew into Rio this afternoon, marvelling at Sugarloaf and the iconic statue of Christ that looks over the city. Since we got to our hotel, I’ve decided to do a course on American modern art during the summer and have managed to bruise my thumb so that it’s swollen up to the size of a small cat. Tomorrow’s gig could be a painful one.

I sustained this terrible injury during a 5-a-side football match at the hotel, during which band and crew alike were exposed as being shamefully unfit and lacking in any sort of ball skills whatsoever. The only exceptions to this were the two goalies – computer whizz Geoff at our end, who threatened to bite the ankles of anyone who strayed near our goal; and keyboard tech Adam at the other end, who dived around on the concrete with no regard for the skin on his knees. (Adam’s mad scientist hairdo has earned him the nickname Sideshow Bob for this tour.) As we headed back to our rooms, the Japanese businessman who stepped into the hotel elevator only to be followed in by ten semi-naked and profusely sweating footballers looked as though he considered himself the most unlucky man on Earth.

All the shows have been amazing so far. The fans in South America are outrageously generous, loud and welcoming. The second night in Saö Paulo was especially raucous and celebratory. We’ll be sorry when this tour is over, but we’re already talking about when we can come back.

Well, I’m off to get some dinner, which I imagine will be followed by yet another evening of caipirinhas and mojitos. It’s a tough job.


Getting a dressing down from Tony for being the losing team. Do we look suitably subdued?

Sideshow Bob on his skinless knees (along with Ant & Scott in the foreground!)

A very rare photographic appearance from our PA, Beth.

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