EL BLOG #7 18 April 2007
Rob, the band's lighting and technology dude, shares more pics

Hello again

It's all been a bit busy over the last couple of days. Vive Latino was the first festival ever in Chile, apparently, which made for a slightly fraught working environment. It was still fun though, sort of, and the show went pretty smoothly in the end.

Anyway here are  a couple more pictures. I'm writing this just before show time here in Sao Paulo but I'll send more when I have a chance...

Tim and Richard getting mobbed as we arrived in Chile.

View from my office during Bedshaped. Nerds will note Iain's new digital sound desk.

Oh, I forgot about these three from the Much Music show soundcheck in Buenos Aires...

Note (i) Richard's very clever electronicised (is that a word?) drum kit (ii) Ant, our audio crew chief looking moody in the bottom right.

Geek fact: The patterns on the screens are our custom test slides. ASBO our video tech was busily running around the back trying to make it all look less than dreadful. He succeeded, Hurrah!

Top view of security Andy. He turned round just after I took this proving that he really does have eyes in the back of his head.

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