EL BLOG #14 28 April 2007
More of Rob's pictures from Latin America

Hello again!

Here are a few shots from the soundcheck in Guadalajara. The arena was in the garden of one of Mexico's biggest pop stars – we could see his ranch through the trees which was slightly odd but deeply cool.

I must just say that Guadaljara rocked. Just walking around I felt like an extra in a Robert Rodriguez movie (partly due to my spanking new and super stylish Tombstone brand cowboy hat).

Richard taking a picture of Tim

Tom on the B Stage

Tom checking the Hammond on the B Stage

Tim, half of Geoff and Tom. Our custom flooring is getting a bit dirty and Mickey the stage manager can't work out how best to buff it up - please email us any heavy duty lino cleaning tips.


As a bonus here are some shots from the soundcheck in Monterrey. It was very overcast so I went for the 'mood enhancing' black and white look.

Tom and Richard

The venue and Tom

Video Tech ASBO (we haven't had any ladies asking to date him yet so I thought a picture might help. Email us if you think he's a 'bit of a slice'. ASBO's hobbies include long brisk walks, shopping and curling up in front of a Meg Ryan romcom)

Top Tour Manager Colin lays down the law. The merest wave of his walkie talkie is enough to get anyone in line

Tom closeup
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