EL BLOG #13 27 April 2007

Tom writes a tour report from Guadalajara

Hello everyone

As ever, the “Keane Machine” rolls on a bit too quickly from one country/city to another, although we’ve seen enough to know that this is a part of the world we will be coming back to time and time again!! I’ll start with the fans – many thanks for the presents and the welcome you’ve given us everywhere we’ve been. The gigs have been very special as well – more love and enthusiasm than we could EVER have expected on our first visit! Monterrey, for example, had to be one of the noisiest nights in Keane touring history…

Then there are the cities and cultures that we’ve had the privilege of being caught up in. Buenos Aires was all mad traffic and spooky cemeteries, fans camping day and night, rain or shine, outside the hotel. My main memory of Santiago is the terrifying cable car ride up the mountain…out came my terrible vertigo, although the ride was worth it for the views – they don’t build cities like that in England. Then onto Sao Paulo, which is “Manhattan x 100”. One of the weirdest hotels I’ve stayed in – it was shaped like a boat. Portholes, wooden decking in the rooms that curved up into the ceiling etc. All the staff had peg legs and parrots on their shoulders…alright, that last bit I made up.

Rio was an incredible few days. After a riotous gig we were able to spend the weekend playing football, golf and taking a beautiful trip out to sea. Even saw a flying fish leap out of the water, which I will never forget. Definitely a place I’d recommend to anyone who fancies a relaxing holiday, although don’t expect to impress the locals with your football skills. Watching them play keepie-ups on the beach makes you realise why they produce so many legendary football teams.

23 hours of flying was made bearable by the wild enthusiasm we encountered at the show in Monterrey. Although there wasn’t much time to see the city, the crowd spoke (and screamed and sang) volumes for the place!

And finally, here we are in Guadalajara. It’s very hot and high altitude…could well be reaching for the oxygen at the side of stage tonight, especially considering the ridiculous length of my thrust (or ego ramp as it’s affectionately known). That said, several long sessions in the gym should have me prepared! Final stop will be Mexico City, which is the only place we’ve visited before. 10,000 fans crammed into the National Auditorium will be the best way to end what has been a very happy tour. Thanks to everyone, fans and crew, who’ve made it happen.

Tom x

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